Tuesday, March 6, 2007

3.5 months to go!

Hi Everyone!
Beth and I (amy) created this blog to keep in touch with all our friends and family while we are away in Jinja Uganda Africa (no big deal). We are really really pumped to leave and start living and working at Amani Baby Cottage.

For those of you who aren't as familiar with our plans here's whats going down from july 07 to january-ish 08:

We are going to Amani Baby Cottage (www.amanibabycottage.org) in Jinja Uganda. Its an orphanage to 60 gorgeous kids ages 0 to 5. These kids come from the worst beginnings you could imagine but once at Amani, grow and flourish with the love of the workers and all the volunteers, which is what we will be doing.

This blog is to keep all of you informed on how things are going before and during the trip.

You post comments right on the site if you want, its really easy! Or if you'd prefer, we've made a gmail account which is amyandbethany@gmail.com. OOOR if you'd like to email us individually you can do so as well.

So keep checking back from time to time and see whats we've been doing in preparation for the trip.

These first pics posted our of our MEC adventure today where Beth got a big duffle, a nalgene (soo handy) and a smaller back pack for carrying the nalgene and diapers and baby clothes from our trips to town with the babies!


Peace out,
Amy and Beth


Rachel and Arielle said...

Hey Guys! Sweet idea to start a blog- how did you ever come up with it? If only we would have thought of it first...man, we just really hope that over the next few months while we're still in Haiti and then go on to Peru we can compete for readers against you guys with all your interesting entries about packing, preparing and trips to MEC. But seriously, we're so excited to be meeting up with you guys in Uganda and we love you both! Peace out (stole that one from us too...)!!!!

Anonymous said...
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