Thursday, April 26, 2007


Soooooo after 3 months of stressing about prices and dates and seat sales we both have finally booked our flights!! Amy got hers a few weeks ago...she found a pretty smokin seat sale and took advantage. Me? I had too much racked up on my mastercard to be doing any sort of international travel booking so I held off. Lucky too because a week ago my lovely bosses offered to so generously buy my ticket with their airmiles!! Probably the highlight of my year...and today after one hour and fifteen minutes on the phone with my lovely aeroplan agent I am officialy booked too. Its probably the best feeling ever to have this dealt with, it has been looming over us for so long. And now its all taken care of! Amy flies out of toronto on June 28th and I fly out on the 27th. Its crazy because this makes it feel so much more real. Yay!

Thats the really exciting news. Other than that, Amy is planning a big giant garage sale fundraiser, the date isnt quite set yet. And I'm planning a coffeehouse fundraiser at Saanichton Bible Fellowship Church on June 9th at 7:30pm. Anyone is welcome! If anyone actually reads this yet please keep us in your thoughts and prayers...things are falling into place pretty nicely and we'd like things to keep on that way! Thanks for reading!! Peace out.

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