Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yeah for Garage Sales and Crappy May Long Weather!

Hi Everyone!!!
Well I have great news to report. Today I, Amy Frances Marigold King, undertook the biggest of all backyard extravaganza's and held my very own garage sale fundraiser!!

I'm also very proud to report that the final tally of the night was 2532.19 cents! (dont ask me where that 19 cents came from though!). Thats right 2500 dollars! isnt that incredible? it was a raging sucess and, minus a few mishaps- i.e a disgruntled neighbor's screaming at an old lady customer of mine resulting in the police being called- it was a GREAT sucess. Now i'm officially stating that this will be my last garage sale EVER.

We started the day out at 6am....let me back thsi up just a bit though. I acutally started the day out at 1 am with a bout of severe vomitting which just really put me in the garage saleing mood. luckily i'm so resilient and this youthful bod of mine bounced back in time for my 5:45 am wake up call. After getting soaked in the rain and yelling (out LOUD!) at my stupid signs that wouldnt go into the ground , a lovely friend came over and helped me pound them into the ground. Apparently 'the club'' is not a useful hammering tool!

It was time for a timmy ho's run so i went and got 6 coffees and 2 dozen delcious donuts! YUMMMMY. Then it was time to kick it into high gear. After a slight crying breakdown, we did the only reasonable thing and called on the good Lord to stop the rain and by golly did the Big Man ever come through!! (not that we thought otherwise though:))

The sale technically started at 9am but by 8:30 the professional garage salers and old people alike were flocking into our cul de sac just itching for sweet garage sale treasures!

At About 10:30am Les and Nora Belanger, my bosses at the ice cream store, came to set up their mobile hotdog wagon to nourish the famished shoppers! They are sooooo kind and i love them so much! All the proceeds of the sale went to me too so that was excellent!

Time went by pretty quick and before we knew it the day was done and we were closing up shop with basically nothing left over, which was awesome!

the day was a huuuuge sucess and now I'm one step closer to outfitting a whole village with new school uniforms and play clothes! Yippee!!!

bethany's coffee house is well on its way and and is still planned for June 9th. there will also be a small silent auction with exciting goodies to bid on!!

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