Monday, June 11, 2007

Fundraiser #2!!

So after much planning, stress, and anxiety, my (Bethany's) coffeehouse fundraiser is finally over! I somehow managed to put my back out pretty badly the day before, which was just such a treat! I lay on the couch in tears while my mom phoned around and got other people to do all the stuff I couldnt do from the couch...which was most of my todo list. But broken backs and meltdowns aside, everything went off without a hitch! (Other than the fact that we baked waaaaay too much food.) I had so many people volunteer to help, and some really talented musicians who graced the stage. I think that everyone had fun (well I did at least) and I raised 1500$$!! Not as much as Amy but still pretty awesome. I'd love to put up some pictures but turns out my batteries for my camera no longer hold a I didnt manage to get any pics. But you can take my word for was just lovely. Thanks to everyone who helped out in any way, it couldnt have happened without ya!

And oh my goodness we leave in 13 days!! Anxiety is messing with both of us in different ways so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers...these are going to be a tough two weeks for us. Until next time....

Bethany (and Amy)

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