Thursday, July 19, 2007

butterfly kisses

hi everyone,

just wanted to put up some photos for you all to see! this first one is of my baby georgie porgie. i love him so much. he was just on my lap but he fell asleep and was too sweaty so i put him on the couch.

this one is me and ame when we went to kikondo, musas village across lake victoria. please note the sweet braids. amy just took hers out last night but im a little more patient and im keeping mine in for a little longer.

This is little maria, a girl who is the definition of mischevious. we took her to get her hair done and at first she didnt like it and refused to look in the mirror but she loves it now. i took a million pictures of the process but she wouldnt let me take a picture of the finished product because she was mad for some reason. sorry erin! she looks ADORABLE though.
this one is melody, we took her to get her hair done and she was reeeeally really cute. she got a little fussy at the end but was a realy trooper. she LOVES chicken and soda and when we asked her what she wanted she just kept saying soda. and chicken. i was like melo what KIND of soda, and shes just like "chi-cken!" and so chicken and soda it was. She was soooo proud of her new hair and was telling michelle- another volunteer and our good GREAT friend- to be careful putting on her jammies so as not to mess up her hair.
While we were at Quick step, waiting for mel's hair, Michelles boyfriend Raoul, came over with 2 boys he had picked up from the village named steven and daniel. Steven is 12 years old and weighs about 20-25 pounds. his growth is severely stunted and he had a head to toe raised, very angry looking rash. Raoul was taking him to Rippon Clinic but we have to go because they have to restart the server so uintil next time!!

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