Friday, July 13, 2007

New Things In Jinja

Hey Everyone. This is Amy posting here! So some exciting news! We got 3 new babies at amani this week. One is about2 weeks old andweighs 1 kilogram. Thats about 2.2 pounds. crazy!! Hes in our incubator but it has no temp control and hes not on oxygen or any monitoring systems. He was kept warm at Mulago hospital with a kerosene lamp and now he has some sort of gas poisioning from the gas fumes and his skin is really grey. His new name is Isaiah. We also got a little boy whos in the toddler house named Nathaniel and he is the fattest kid in there! hes soooo precious and cute buthe has these sores all over his arms and on his back. He was just found abandonded. Holly is the new baby 2'er and shes about 18 months and was abandoned also. The afternoon Nate came i held him for an hourand he looked so sad andjust how you would think an abandonded baby would feel andlook. He's healthy though so thats good.

Today i took Debra (a 4month old) and Tolofina (a 20 monther) to theclinic because Tolo probably has TB and Debra needs this lesion on her belly button burned off. I took Tolo on one hip and Debra in a sling around me and set off in the blazing heat for the clinic. Tolo saw 2 dogs and started crying her loud cry and stopped just as we got to the clinic. There were these 4 mormon missionaries in the clinic and this old lady was so so nice and took debra for me while i took Tolo out side to jokokuba her (litteral translation is a bit scary- to beat her) but i just lightly smacker her leg. I didnt use the jokokuba stick :) She cried and Cried and cried and sobbed because last time i took her there last week- she got an injection and didnt have too much fun. I think she remembered this andthats why she was have such a spaz attack. I called bethany and over tolo shrieks told her to GET OVER HERE AND HELP ME!!!!!! meanwhile that nice mormon lady had taken debra into the doc's office while she saw him and then waited till beth got there to help me.

I took sophia into town today and got her hair washed and plaited (braided) at Quick Step Hair Saloon. my friend Roger did it for me and for 5000 shillings. THats about 3 dollars. This is an interesting little tidbit. My friend makes 80,000 shillings every 2 weeks so he is getting paid 60 CENTS an hour. Isnt that ridiculous? He takes care of his 4 sisters andpays rent andschool fees on that salary. And thats a GOOD paying job.

Bethany brought george ( who we affectionately call George MIchael and Georgie Porgie) over to the salon to hang out while soph got her hurr did. We are trying to teach george careless whisperer right now but so far hes only mastered the words aunty and no. but today i put his dirty nappy in the garbage at oiur house and he said " aunty caca in there". caca means poo. and susu means pee in lugandan.

OK so i have 4mins left of internettime so i'm going to wrap this up. PEace out all. We are LOVING life in jinja!! UNtil next time...Wey ba lenyo.

Love Aunty Emily (no one can say amy here) and Aunty Bethan ( no one can say bethany either)

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