Saturday, July 14, 2007

Note to self: NEVER steal in Uganda!

We found a house! I think Amy forgot to write about this yesterday so I'm just going to write a lil tidbit about it. Its perfect for us, its actually one of two basement suites in the downstairs of this mansion. There is a lady who lives upstairs (janet, our landlady, nicest woman alive) and then the downstairs is divided into two suites. A mzungu (white) man lives in one and we live in the other. Its one bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Small but we dont really need that much space. AND it costs half as much as our guest house we were at before because were sharing a room now. Its on a really beautiful compound with a super nice pool (!!!) and its really safe, big fence and gate and three guard dogs who we love! Blackie who is brown, Brownie who is tan, and Skippy who is black. We like skippy the best. Shes really cute.

Um okay funny sidebar. Everyone in Jinja loves to blast music out of their shops so you can hear it when you pass by. Right now there are two different songs being blasted out of the internet cafe were in...I kind of feel like im going to have a seizure. One is Jehovah Jireh straight out of 1995. Its just too funny, like no one seems to notice that were listening to two totally conflicting BLASTING musics. I love Uganda!

Oh and heres a funny little cultural tidbit for y'all. Yesterday we were waiting with our friend Michael and he was telling us about how his house was broken into not too long ago and he saw the theif leaving. So what do you do in Uganda when you see a theif running away from your house? Why you chase him down and beat him to a pulp, of course! If someone sees and calls the cops, and they manage to get there in time, the theif may escape with only a severe beating. If the cops dont get there in time, you die. No big deal. Thats how it is here. I asked Michael what happens if you kill someone and he said, "that depends. did you kill a theif?" Me and amy were shocked. Michael said that theyre trying to reduce thievery in Uganda... no kidding. Anyways, we made a mental note never to steal anything here!

Today we went with Amys friend Musa to his village across lake Vicky (victoria) called Kikondo, but pronounced Chicondo. We were actually MOBBED by the kids, like 40 kids all grabbing at our hands and pulling at our was a little overwhelming. There was one point near the beginning where we were sitting on Musas front step overheating because of the 40 sweaty children packed around us all grabbing our arms (they think its really funny that when you push on our skin it goes white for a second and then back to normal) and yelling at us in luganda, I thought I was going to have a panic attack. But after a bit I just adjusted I guess, and I was fine. They LOOOOVE to have videos taken of them and then look at them...they scream and scream and laugh. I took some pretty cute vids of them singing and doing calypso dancing.

They played this funny game with us where everyone stands in a circle and holds hands and they sing this song in luganda and when it gets to a certain part in the song you do this little dance move. And you go around the circle and everyone takes a turn. Lucky me I was near the beginning and I got to wow them all with my incredibly WHITE girl dance moves, they almost died laughing at us...haha. They actually have a lot of games that involve some form of dancing and me and amy were singled out a disproportionate number of times to dance. Embarassing.

Oh and Musas family made us this HUUUUUGE two tables FULL. This was my first experience with really african food. So far I havent eaten anything too too exotic, we eat in mzungu restaurants because its more foodsafe, its not recommended to eat in a lot of places here for our weak white stomachs. They made for us whole talapia fish. Like WHOLE fish. Like I had to break it in half and pull the meat off.. Im fairly sure i swallowed like 15 fish bones. They also made a dish called Chata which basically is a steaming ball of brown dough that just looks utterly repulsive. Musa was so exicted, Chata is his "best dish" and was so pumped for us to try it, so i did!! It wasnt as bad as it looked but not the best thing ive eaten here for sure! Also we ate rice, beef (so tough i couldnt chew it into two pieces to swallow so i almost choked on this massive hunk of cow), pineapple, apples, mangos, carrots, cucumbers, and potatoes. I actually really enjoyed most of it! And we had to eat EVERYTHING on the table...we were ready to pass out by the end of it. Yummy but its hard to eat like an african.

Well my times almost up so I should go. Please keep my (bethany) family in your prayers, my aunt passed away yesterday and this is a tough time for my family and for me being so far away. Until next time...

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