Friday, July 6, 2007

Soooo we are finally here!!!
Sorry for the delay in updating the blog but the internet cafe isnt really close to us so its kind of hard to get to. THis first week has been kind of crazy....meeting a million people and getting to know the babies. I should probably say that i have a really fussy baby on my lap right now so this may be shorter than id like...hes soooo precious his name is Adam and hes for sure the cutest baby in the preemie room. Amy is next to me with little Katie on her lap sound asleep...Katie is too cute her hair has grown and it looks EXACTLY like Mr. T, which i like to call her!
We really are having so much fun. amy is loving seeing all her old friends and im loving meeting them all. Ugandans are such amazing people. They are so content with what they have, which most often is nothing. Some of our friends live in one bedroom (literally) shacks with curtains for doors and cook food in a little stove in the corner and they are sooo happy.

Yesterday we took some kids to town and took them out for dinner...Maria and Emily. Maria is going to be adopted with another boy named Musa and is such a little character! She loves to pretend shes mad at you and then when you ask her whats wrong she laughs hysterically. And if you dont ask her whats wrong she will actually become mad at you...super funny. They were just wired (could have been all the candy we gave them) and were screaming and laughing and showing us how to calypso dance. It was soo so fun.

Oh and we got our hair extensions! My hair is sooo long now and it toook forever...9 hours for me and 8 for amy. Its super low maintenance though so we like it though. And we are currently in the process of looking for a house. RIght now we are staying in a guest house which is nice but 6 months is a long time to not really have your own space so we've decided that were going to try to find somewhjere else. Right now we;ll live just us and michelle and then when rachel and arielle get here well live with them. We've had a tough time finding something that meets all of our specifications and is safe enough but I'm sure we'll find one soon.

And for those of you wondering about amys bags (which have been lost this whole week), apparently they are here and we are sending a driver to pick them up tomorrow which is such an answer to prayer! If they get here that is....lets just hope they arent opened and nothing is missing.

Um so i dont know what else to say! I know theres a million things i could say but its so hard to explain in an email and adam is getting reeeally fussy so i should go.. but feel free to comment on here and ask questions we can answer. Thanks for all your emails we miss you all are thankful for your prayers.

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