Friday, August 31, 2007


So I'm sad to say that its not looking good for Hope and Phineas. Hope has to leave on monday and its not looking like shes going to get the ruling she needs. So tomorrow we are going to get our beds converted to bunk beds aka. "deckers", and get phin a mattress to sleep on. We have decided to stay in our little house instead of moving, its going to be squishy but our house is so cheap and we love it so much that we just cant bear to move. Were staying with the hopes that we will get our ruling soon and Hope can come get her little bundle of joy as soon as possible. Pleeease keep praying, Hope is devastated to be away from Phin but it cant be helped.

In other news, Amy and our adorable new friend Katie who we love so much went to Kikondo today to go fishing with Musa. (I was going to go but I felt like I should stay with my lil preschoolers.) They were supposed to be back by 1:30 for the outing we had planned with the toddlers but were delayed by musas mom who was mad that they didnt stay for the meal she had prepared even though they SPECIFICALLY asked her not to prepare anything because they had a "program" (plans) that they had to be back for. They caught 9 fish altogether, (katie = 0, amy = 2, musa = 7) Oh actually katie wants you all to know she caught a minnow but she had to throw it back!!!

Please keep Hope and Phin in your prayers, and also us as we take Phin. Our lives are going to be really different! Pray that we wont mess up this child too badly while shes gone!

Until next time...

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Historic Grand Music Concert

So last saturday we helped out with a concert that our friends have been working so hard to put on. They called it "A Grand Music Concert", but it was often referred to as "historic" for a little extra emphasis. It was basically a community event with all kinds of famous christian artists from Uganda. It was free and just meant for people to come and hear about God and have a good time. They also had free HIV/AIDS testing so that people can learn their status.

We both helped out with finances which was a big need, it was fairly expensive for the venue, (Jinja Town Hall), and all of the artists that are really famous around Uganda. Amy made a general donation and I helped out with advertising and bought some radio ads. We also helped out and made some posters and paid for the photocopying. They were really appreciative, its crazy how much difference like 40 dollars from us can make. We also volunteered to be the head ushers and put together a little team of ushers to help seat people.

We arrived at town hall at 9:30 in the morning and helped set up chairs, and did just general running around during the day. The concert was supposed to start at 2:00, which of course means that people start showing up around ten to three. I was STRESSED thinking this concert is going to be a disaster, no one is coming, and just generally panicking. But sure enough, as the day progressed people started filtering in, and were still arriving at 5 and 6:00!! Overall it was a huge success. People had a really good time, and there were some really talented performers. A dance team from Kampala came called Sacrifice Divine, and they were UNREAL. I stood there feeling painfully white and wishing so bad I could dance like them, they were sooo good. Also a kids choir from Walukuba, (a kind of suburb of Jinja) and they sang and danced and were generally adorable. Also our friends were in a choir and prepared three songs that they sang, one of which was a really cool Congolese song with sweet dancing. Again...we are so white...

It ended around 7:00 and we stayed around to help take down chairs, it only took like an hour and a bit, which seemed like no big deal to us. But our friends were so appreciative and just couldnt believe that we had come so early in the morning and stayed all the way until the end. We were like, seriously, no big deal! It was a super fun day and a really neat thing to be a part of.

Other than that, the most exciting news we have is that Hopes mom sent us a care package consisting ENTIRELY of mac and cheese. I almost passed out when I saw it...I cant wait to go eat dinner!!!! Thank you Janie!!!! You made our MONTH. At home, mac and cheese is a food group for us and you just cant find it were just slightly excited.

Please keep praying for Hope, September 4th is sneaking up really fast and its difficult for us to plan ahead when we dont know whats happening. Please pray!!! Thanks.

Until next time,

Thursday, August 23, 2007

bedsheets and hospital food

So this morning as we were piki-ing into town amy was chatting with her piki man and he told her that he knew our piki man from the accident and that he was still in the hospital! So he gave us his name (johnson) and where he was staying so we could go see him. So today after preschool (where we coloured fish and hung them from the ceiling and Steven made up a song called "fish in the water" that has been stuck in our heads all day...) we headed over to the hospital to visit our poor piki man. We looked everywhere and couldn't find him...we couldn't even really remember what he looked like to be honest. We asked all the nurses and no one knew who we meant.

As we were about to leave we passed a man with a bandaged leg. Blood was seeping through the gauze, which was resting on a paper bag to keep his mattress clean - his bare mattress with no sheets. He was laying wearing only shorts on this plastic mattress with blood all over the mattress and all over the floor. He had taken his IV out because the saline was all gone, and when we asked why they said they couldnt give him any more saline because he was bleeding too much and they didn't have any blood to give him. Apparently there is no blood in Jinja...its all in Kampala at Melago Hospital. He had been given some pain killers but was in pretty clear discomfort and wasnt getting any more because of the IV situation.

He was waiting to have surgery on his leg, he had a compound fracture and his bone was sticking out of his leg. All of the operating theatres were full and so they were waiting for one to empty. When one empties up they will most likely just operate on him without any extra blood, which is especially dangerous because hes anemic and needs blood as it is. Oh and theres only one anesthetist for all five theatres - and they have no ventilators, just ambu-bags, and they use ether as anesthetic. (which hasnt been used in north america since like 1492 because there is no way to regulate dosage, other than "oh look hes waking up - give him some more.")

So as were talking to the doctor, he asks us if we are going to help out and bring medication. Then he proceeds to write a list of medication that this man (Moses) needs that the hospital doesnt have. Its a government funded hospital so patients dont have to pay for care, but they do have to bring their own sheets and certain medications. So we went to the pharmacy and for about 10 dollars bought what this poor man with no family needs to fight the raging infection that he would have certainly faced otherwise. We also brought him some food and juice and buns to eat, apparently social workers bring food (another essential service not provided by the hospital), but who knows when or if or what kind of food it is. He was very thankful, he didnt speak a word of english but the nurse conveyed his thanks. We promised to come tomorrow and visit him again.

Needless to say, this was a bit of a traumatizing experience. As soon as we left I just burst into tears, I cant imagine being alone in a place like that, and the best care available to me is a surgery that will quite likely cost me my leg, if not my life. For me, my time so far has mostly been going from amani, to home, and into town to get groceries or email. We live right in the heart of suburban jinja. This hospital looked like it was straight out of the movies or national geographic and it was just a real reality check that there is a lot more need in uganda than we tend to see on a day to day basis.

Anyhow, this is once again too long, please continue to pray for Hope - we got a text from her saying that the judge has called for her file, whatever that means. Her lawyer thinks it will be soon. Were hoping it will be before september 4th when she has to go home. PLEASE PRAY more than ever...Hope needs to go home really badly. And phin needs to go with her.

Until next time - be thankful for bedsheets and hospital food.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Picture Post!

Hey Everyone! here are some photos. The little baby in the cape is precious Katie! (thats for you rach and air!) and then we have MIchelle (, shells and cheese) with christopher, olivia, chloe, josephine, and hunter making Noah cry. Then its Me and Sophia! This was just after she stopped crying because she was getting her hair blowed dry to get braided! Enjooooooy!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bethany and Amy- 0...... Car- 1

So Bethany and I, along with poor little Ruthie and George, got SMOKED by a car on sunday afternoon. Taking boda boda's is a very convenient and typical mode of transportation, if not the safest, it gets you from a to b. Usually in one piece! There are 2 types, abicycle boda is just that. a bicycle and you sit on the back of it. We were on a piki piki which is like a small motorcycle, kind of a like a vespa. Some have baskets on the front even. SO on this piki were bethany, holding george, me holding ruthie, and our boda man. It was a tight squeeze but its a way to save money and if there is only one piki around- its our only choice. FOr those of you who are familiar with JInja, we got hit right in front of the restaurant Leoz, on Main Street. The lady who hit us was coming across main so it was her fault. We don't really remember how it happened, just that she kind of t-boned us and we slid across the front of her bumper, scraping the paint off and our skin as we went!

Bethany landed with George underneath her.I landed holding ruthie away from the ground with one hand kind of like a mama cat holds her kitty by the scruff of its neck! Neither George nor Ruthie had ANY speck of dirt or anything on them. That in itself is a miracle as the usual boda vs. car incident results in death or serious injury. Praise the Lord it was sunday and there wasnt man people around and the car was going relatively slow!

So we get smoked by the car and all of a sudden we're on the ground with about 100 people crowding around us with about 4 ft of breathing space. I am screaming because my leg is ripped up and i bit through my lip and broke my fall with my elbow and i'm scared to death about the kids and bethany is cradling george sobbing because she though she had crushed him to death. When beth gets in a traumatic situation or is scared, she cries, I get MAD MAD MAD! So there i am, barking orders at everyone, getting people to get help and take ruthie from me and poor bethany is thinking she just killed george. A man takes ruthie from me and immediately flips her upside down and is holding her like a dead chicken by her feet!!! I FREAKED out and was screaming at him to give her back and a woman gives her to Bethany. We later learned that people in villages normally turn children upside down when they are hurt to check for broken bones so again, PTL that she didnt have any broken bones that would have been messed up by being held upside down!

So i called our friend David and he met us at the hospital. We called Siouxanne, the nurse here, and she came and helped us out SOOO MUCH! we were so happy she was there. She cleaned our wounds and everything and helped us calm down. Word gets around quickly in a town like jinja and in 20 minutes, seriously, we had 6 friends at the hospital to make suer we were ok! And i had the most random people calling my phone. (Rach and air- Iddi called and was so cute!) Danyne- the director of AMani showed up and took care of all the little details about the crash. A funny thing was that we could have gone to the police but we would have had to wait till 2pm because thats when they come back from their lunch break! While we were on the porch of the hospital, diana, Danyne's 7 yr old daughter, says so quietly, almost to herself, "God is bettah than a doctah".

From there we went home and chilled the rest of the evening with Hope and Phineas and our awesome new volunteer friend Katie!

Some things that are different when we get hit by a car in Uganda as opposed to Canada:

-Ambulances would have been called for Me, Bethany, the Piki Driver, Ruthie and George.
-Police would be called and more importantly, SHOW UP!
-People would not come out of the woodwork to watch 2 white girls lay on the ground sobbing and screaming.
-Upon arrival at the hospital, the kids would have got a LOT more than a once over if doc's were told they were just hit by a car.
- people wouldn't tell you to "stop crying, you will be fine" like the second you step into the hospital, they would say its going to be ok, but they'd let you cry, because when you get hit by a car with 2 orphans you NEED to cry about it!
- When you said your names were Amy and Bethany, they wouldn't put your meds in paper bags labeled, "Amiya" and "Lynn"
- if you said you landed on your elbow, they might take an xray. Here they just crank it in all directions and if you dont cry out in pain, your will be fine.

So i'm so happy no one broke any bones as getting surgery in Uganda is sketchy at best! We are doing fine and recuperating in with some boxes of pringles, indian chocolate bars, and ER season 4 dvd!

We'll post photos of our war wounds soon! Love you all!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Auntie. The cake is where?

Sooo FINALLY I (bethany) have made it onto the schedule with the toddlers! I'm sooo pumped. My heart really is in the toddler room so much more than with the little ones. I mean they are all cute, but i just love those tods. I get to do preschool with them every morning and it is such good motivation to get out of bed...its really the best thing. Amy helps too three days a week but she has to do meds at 8am mondays and thursdays so she comes after that and helps with the kids that need a little one on one attention.

There never used to be preschool, but we have this really great volunteer Isabelle from Britain and she is a preschool teacher there. She has started up this amazing preschool program for the kids that is just so great. Its gone from chaos and running around and eating play-dough to three structured groups of kids actually learning and I just love being a part of it. Of course seeing as I only started a few days ago, its taken some getting used to for both me and the kids. Isabelle is in Rwanda for 10 days so I'm doing her job, which makes me kind of like a substitute teacher...and we all know how kids treat substitute teachers. Yesterday they were miserable little brats and almost all of them lost at least one star from the star chart. And two got spanked. But today they were much better.

At the end of the week the kids with enough stars get to go on a special outing, so today we took the kids that were good to the upstairs suite of amani (thats for adoptive parents who visit) and we baked cake and let them watch movies. The good kids this week were Maria (shes such a hard little worker erin!), junior, dan, emily, and steven. We watched half an hour of snowdogs, 45 mins of aladdin, and 30 minutes of Curious George. While we were waiting for the cake to bake they started getting really bored of tv (these kids NEVER watch tv...) and so I took them, picked them up, and threw them onto the big couch with the comfy cushions and they were laughing soo much and jsut being so adorable. Then they would sneak into the kitchen and i would chase them back into the living room and they were SCREAMING at the top of their little was super fun until one of the mommas came up and told us to shut up because the babies were sleeping downstairs. Ooops!! We really had too much fun.

In other news, weve been trying to take ruthie with us lots to get her good one on one attention. We thought she was like ten months old, turns out shes almost TWO years old!!! She weighs like twelve pounds. Were determined to get her fattened up. Today I had her on my lap in the tube in our pool and I had a sucker which she really wanted so i gave it to her and her whole face was blue after like five minutes. She would suck it for a while and then stick it in my face to share with me. Then she would realize she was in the water, start to cry, then see the sucker, stick it in her mouth, and stop crying until she realized she was still in the water. Adorable. We would put up a picture but SOMEONE forgot her camera. Oh time!

OH and one more thing, some of our friends are putting on an outreach event, its a big concert meant to have young people meet other young people and hear about God, and weve been helping a lot with coordinating. I volunteered to pay for all of the photocopying of the posters and flyers, and also for them to put ads on the radio. It cost me like 30 dollars, but the radio ads are a whole months salary for a ugandan, and they wouldnt have been able to do it otherwise, it meant a lot to them. If you gave me money for this trip and are wondering where its going, thats one of the places! Were getting up bright and early tomorrow to hand out posters.

Anyhow, this is too long. Thanks for reading, its really encouraging to hear people say in emails, "oh i read your blog all the time!!!" Sometimes it feels like typing into an abyss. SO thanks!!! Hope you are all well...we miss you all. Please continue to pray for Hope and Phin, she didnt get her ruling on the 16th like we thought, but shes supposed to get it before the end of the month. Lets hope so!

Take care.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Caca Central!

Well last night was a night bethany and i won't soon forget. I had taken Ruthie (a TINY one year old) with me all day and even brought her swimming with me and she was being so quiet and not herself at all. Normally she's really whiny if you put her down after you've been holding her but she didnt cry ALL day! So she had to be changed after i was holding her out by the pool and i took her up to our room and put her on my bed. I made the mistake of taking off her diaper before i had a clean one under her and she had diarrhea explosion ALL over my bed. She acutally was able to hit my fitted shit, top sheet, and my blanket all in one shot. Talented baby she is! So after i got her all cleaned up and soaked my sheets in detergent bethany, myself and Imi, (the ugandan girl who lives with her boyfriend in the other apartment of the house we live in and who we LOOOVE!) came to amani for beth to get george for the night and for us to help out with the supper chaos. So Ruthie didnt eat anything at all for supper and i was a bit worried about her so i packed her supper incase she wanted it later. We then went to Hope's house for pizza supper and ruthie was so sedate and george was his usual adorable cuddly self.

Long story short, we are lying on my bed (me and beth) talking about how peaceful ruthie looks while she sleeps and on cue- she wakes up and 5 seconds later is barfing the biggest baby barf i've ever seen ALL over my bed AGAIN. so we get her cleaned up and i give her some oral rehydration stuff and put her to bed again.

I wake up at 4:30am to an awful stench and change ruthie. Bethany wakes up and rubs georges back only to find her hand covered in diarrhea. LIke we're talking head to toe rhea blowout. He looks up at her and says "aunty- caca" and she scoops him up and while she bathes him as he whimpers at the freezing cold water at 4:30 in the morning, i undress her bed and bleach her mattress. We put George to bed on the bare mattress and then go outside to wash (by hand mind you) our gross sheets and blankets.

It was a spectacular baby sleepover. Until next time...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

exposed to ugandan culture...

So the yesterday me and Amy were sitting at our table playing skip-bo in our typical saturday afternoon tradion, and I go outside to check our laundry on the line and I see a woman sitting just outside our fence directly facing our door with three babies lying on towels all looking right into our house. So I say hi and she calls me over (after informing me that skippy just threw up all of the leftover spaghetti we gave her) and asks me for money for her baby. I actually had no money on me so I apologized and went back inside. I sit back down to our skip-bo game and this lady proceeds to whip off her shirt and begins breastfeeding right there, ten feet away from our open door. Had this been the first time we had seen this, we might have been surprised. But exposed women breastfeeding is not entirely uncommon here. Amy also had an interesting experience being called over to our neighbours' house for tea, and greeting their elderly mother who was sitting topless in the living room. We were also invited to attend the christening of their little daughter "Phillip" but were in Nairobi. Its really an interesting reflection on western culture...when we told this story to our ugandan friends they held up a "Life & Style" magazine we had on our table, flipped to beach photos of skantily clad celebrities, and said "THIS is indecent exposure!" Fair enough...but it definitly takes some getting used to!

Last night we had Mary Cameron (who we affectionately call MC hammer), melody, and sophie sleep over. Mel slept in my bed, likely for the last time considering how much sleep i got, she fell asleep around midnight, a good 4 hours after the other girls. And woke me up roughly 15 times in the night. Lucky shes cute... And then they came to church with us and sat like pro-stars through a very long service. There was cake at the end so everyone was happy.

In other news our dear darling michelle went back home to cali on friday...we said an emotional goodbye to her at the airport in Entebbe and are missing her tons already. We are however glad to hear that she is already working on our care package which ideally will contain 90% Kraft Dinner mac and cheese...knock on wood.

If anyone is interested, baby Judah was recently adopted from Amani and this is a link to a newpaper article about him coming home to Santa Clarita, CA with Gunner and Cindi Gunderson.

Okay until next time! peace out.

PS Congratulations to our two friends Riley and Sarah, and Matt and Maddy who just got engaged this week!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

More new baby photos and Phin's birthday!

This is a photo of little 10 month old, 8 pound 11.5 ounce daniel. Believe it or not that is his smile. TOO cute! i love love love this little guy. He was the one who was found on the back of his mother with a whole potato in his mouth. He is extremely malnourished.

We got another new boy yesturday. His name is Edwin and hes about 9 months. His mom is in prison and came with 2 guards to hand her baby over to Amani. She is HIV positive and the prison is unwilling to provide the meds that would allow her to still breastfeed and not infect her son with HIV and they are also not willing to give her extra food so she is able to feed her son. So until she is out of prison, Amani will be his home. Its too sad.

There is a photo of me (Amy) holding Phin with HOpe next to me, BEthany next to her and MIchelle on the end. Michelle is going home tomorrow and has been spending the morning with me and the babies at Amani and helping me give meds. IN a couple minutes i'm going to Rippon Medical Clinic and taking Jonathan who's lost 1 kilo in the last week but is eating good. HE has night sweats and night fevers which are signs of Malaria but with the weight loss its most likely TB. so we're going to get a chest xray to see for sure.

There is another photo of a baby with a blanket tied to her head. That is Katie (aka Mr.T). Last time i was here she was sooooooooooooooo sick. LIke edge of death sick and Rachel and Arielle nursed her back to health and now shes a huge fatty! She gets her AIDS cocktail at 8am and 8pm and thats really saved her life. She is doing so good and will be accompanying BEthany and I to the airport in september to welcome back Rachel! (you can check out her blog at

The baby in the blue dress and yellow sweater is my dear little Ruthie! She is a DOLL, she has the cutest little chipmunk smile and such a sweetheart. I was taking her to church that morning and had got her all dressed up it!

There is another photo of Daniel and you can see just how small he is for 10 months old. He can hold his head up but thats about it. His upper arms are just bigger than my thumb. He is quickly gaining weight though so thats awesome!

Phin is in a photo with his awesome yellow sweater vest. 2 days ago he had to get his eye sty drained because it was so badly infected. HIs eye looked HORRIBLE. So poor HOpe takes him to the good clinic, IAA, and Dr. Charles (who we take all amani kids too) said she needed to get it drained like quick time so she went to Rippon Eye center and the doctor said he was going to make a small incision in the inside of his eye lid and gently drain out the pus and blood. So they give him a shot to numb the eye and don't even wait a second for it to numb anything and just slice. So Phin lets out a blood curdling scream because a strange person is slicing his eye ball open and then the doctor sqeezes SO hard and all this puss shoots out and Hope is bawling because a nurse is holding down her baby and the doctor is hurting him so much and shes telling the doctor to stop and they just bandage up his eye and send them on their way! ME and bethany were waiting at her house and she comes aroudn the back and just breaks down! it was awful but now Phin is doing much better and Hope is too and everyone is over the tramatizing eye draining incident. Hope didnt want to put his eye cream in that night though so i was the bad guy and did it for her! :) So the photo with the cute baby with the eye patch is our dear little Phineas David Howard Little and his unbelieveable mom, Hope.

There is photo of a girl in a red school uniform and thats Rachel Arielle and I's special girl, Esther. She is our friend Richards neice and the moment you meet this girl you fall in love with her. She is so smart and Rach and Air paid for her school fees so she could go to a really good school. She is devastating!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

PTL!!! (praise the Lord!)

This is a photo of little Jackson Moses Littleton who will soon be going home to america to his amazing mom and dad erin and scott. They have sweet bracelets you can get on their blog The grease all over his face is from the loads of chicken he ate!

Last night Michelle, Bethany, Hope Phin, Jackson and i went to our congolese friend, Raoul's house for supper. His sisters Deborah, Linda, Natalie, and Mary made us the yummiest meal and we LOVE LOVE LOVE going for supper there. The sisters can only speak french so converstating is a bit difficult but we get by! They made up spagetti, fish, chicken, irish (potatoes), and rice. so good. Phin has been sick with a gigantic sty in his eye and hasbeen under the weather a bit and supper was late last night and his babysitter had fed him a meal in itself right before we left to go so he really wasnt feeling the meal. Hope was trying to eat her watermelon for desert and phin was being cranky and not listening so she said "Phineas! Sit down NOW!" and it was so strange but he didnt even bend his knees to sit he just bum dropped onto the cement floor and CRUSHED a bowl under his monstorous weight. He is large for a 2 year old, just super super sturdy and will make an excellent football player. It was quite a sight and he scared himself so bad. it was hilarious. Jackson is used to eating at the babys home and doesnt get seconds so he was just mowing down the food, like going full throttle his last meal on earth style eating. And lucky auntie michelle took him for the night and he pooped so much in his diaper that it was up to top collar of his jammies!! He woke her up this morning at 6:30 by singing and rubbing her ear. He usually goes to bed around 7:30 and he fell asleep at 10:30 with michelle after an hour long bath in a little plastic bucket and she gave him a cup and a truck to play with and every time he would pour the water out of the cup he'd yell "Allelujah!" (people aren't really good at saying h's here)

JAckson is superly into singing songs and one of his all time favorites is 'touch my body' but until recently he only knew one line so the song would go "touch my body, touch my body, touch my body, touch my boooody" but now he sings "touch my body, touch my body, touch my spirit and make me whole".

Yesturday i was in the toddler house giving meds and i came across jackson sitting on his potty and just singing his little heart out to praise and worship songs. i came in while he was belting out "do to others, do to others, what you would have them do to you. do to others, do to others, what you would have them do to you. for this is the command from the law and the prophets, do to others do to others, what you would have them do to you!" so of course i ran to get my camera to video this beautiful little guy singing so preciously and when i came back in he was singing "do not repay evil with evil but overcome evil with good". i told him i was going to send the video to his mommy and he said, "yes i want to sing!" --so erin you might have the next michael w. smith on your hands!

So this morning i babysat pHin for Hope while she went to meet with people in the courts and so me and phin and their neighbor boy james, hung out for about an hour. When hope came back she gave me GREAT news about how her husband kevin had talked to his boss and they've agreeed to let hope stay till the end of august when we except she'll be able to go home WITH phin because she'll hopefully have a ruling on august 16th so make sure to keep praying about that! But me and bethany are quite excited because as much as we wanted to take phin for hope, we REALLY REALLY love our little teeny tiny house and are really looking forward to living in it for another month until our friend Rachel comes from Minneapolis to join us! (Rach we love you and are PUMPED to see you!!)

This sunday at church is women's sunday so they do everything! the preaching, the praising, the praying and they cook for the entire church so me and bethany are going with our friend Domalie to help bake cakes with the church ladies for the sunday service! And bethany and I are contributing cases of soda because we are usless with ugandan cooking.

A mama at Amani, Mama Doreen, has a very sick mom up in gulu and is unable to pay the 50,000 shillings it costs for the bus so bethany and i gave her the money today and she looked like she was going to cry, it meant so much to her. So thank you for giving us money because it allows us to help lots of people out here!

Ok its Taco night at hopes and Raoul brought over his tv and dvd player for us to watch a MOVIE!!! we've been talking about which movie to watch all week in anticipation for this day! Tonight is also bible study so at 7 we'll be heading on over to our friends Davids house, and this week we'll have a testimony to tell our friends. About the power of prayer and the good news of hope! Ok thanks everyone for praying and keep it up= its working!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Sleepover Time!!!


Last night bethany and I took Mary Cameron, Melody, Sophia and George for a sleepover at our house! It was so much fun and all the kids were sooo wonderful. I slept with Sophia, Beth slept with Georgie and MC and Melody slept on the floor between our beds on our dufflebags filled with clothes! It was an awesome time and here are a bunch of photos of our party!!

MC was such a sweetheart and woke bethany up this morning by rubbing her head through the mosquito net. she refused to sleep on a bed and wanted to sleep with Mel on the makeshift bed between our beds. Mel woke up with a bad dream in the middle of the night but went to sleep right away after she remembered where she was. I looked down at them around 4am and melody had turned herself around and so her head was where her feet used to be and she was halfway under my bed with only her legs sticking out. So i dragged her from under my bed and put her back properly.

THis morning george and melody had to caacaa at the same time and while bethany was holding melody on the toilet, george couldn't wait and squatted down and pooped all over our bathroom floor then dragged his feet all through it! So beth got the pleasure of bleaching our bathroom floor and bathing a poopy baby at 7am! This morning MC also told us that she had donut in her diaper as well as chapati!

Soph slept next to me on my bed and i woke her up this morning and she looked at me with a HUGE smile on her face and climbed into my arms..!! That made me year! Every day i'm so thankful to be back here with these precious children and my sophie.

In other news, we got 2 new boys at amani yesturday. Ones name is Asherife and the other's name is Daniel. Daniel was brought to us from a white lady who was in a village outside of Jinja and found him on his mom's back. She asked the mother why such a young baby was eating solid food and she told her that her baby was over 9 months old. He is about 6 or 7 pounds and very very malnourished. His rib cage is gross and his limbs are skin and bones. He is doing much better now however. Asherife was found by the police after local people had told the police that he had been sitting at a bus station for 2 days. His mother had abandoned him there. He is doing very well at amani but also looks a bit malnourished.

So here are some photos for all of you! Obviously the one of the camel is of me and beth on MOmbasa Beach in Kenya. Thats the INdian Ocean we're beside. Sophie is the beauty with the wild hair and green shirt (thanks Jan and Ava!- she was wearing ava's nike sandles and ava army pants too!). Bethany is brushing Melody's teeth while Mel sits in our bathroom sink. There's a close up of Mel's smiling face proudly wearing the star necklace her mom sent her (SHE LOVES IT!) Georgie Melody and Sophie are on the floor eating spagetti, Soph has the pigtail puffs. There is another of the beach in Mombasa where women are beating octopus to untoughen the meat. (is untoughen a word??) and another of Mary Cameron looooving her spagetti and ragu sauce we picked up in nairobi. There is one of me and JImmy getting his breathing treatment with me at the international clinic. He had pnemonia there.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Good News!!!!!

Hi everyone, here is a picture of Phineas so you can all see who were talking about, isnt he so CUTE! So we were at Hopes for dinner last night (shake and bake yumm) and she was telling us that theres this form called an i600 that might be expiring and if it does she might not be able to take phin for 4 months, but we found out last night that not only is it not expiring, she may actually be able to take him in a month, which would mean she would only have to leave him with us for 2 weeks!! It feels like FINALLY we are getting a break...thanks so much for all your prayers and keep it up because its working! We will update when we know more for sure, but it looks like things may actually go our way...Hope says thank you so much for all your prayers, it means so much to her to know she is in so many peoples thoughts.

This one is about 2 minutes before Phin passed out on the couch...

This one is Amy cooking on our makes our house scorching hot so we usually use it outside.

THis one I like because first of all were with our two precious darlings Sophie-baby and Georgeums, and second because at least once a week me and amy will end up dressed the same, either matching or opposites matching like in this pic...we got dressed separately I swear...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Left Behind

Hi Everyone! This is Amy blogging here. So Bethany and I, along with our wonderful friend Michelle, just got home this morning at 10am. We left JInja last Thursday at 8:30am and boarded our bus for Nairobi Kenya! The bus ride was utterly indescribable. Think of the worst road you've ever been on and times that by 100 and then by 12 hours and you have the bus ride from hell complete with 6 foot pot holes, dirt road highways and almost breaking the sound barrier at points. We had our bags fall from the over head storage compartments and lucky me got to carry my bag on my lap the whole way there. Add to this all, we were in the VERY last row and were air borne about 40% of the time. We FINALLY made it to Nairobi and were greeted by our wonderful friends Tillas and Charles' smiling faces. It was sooo strange to go to Nairobi and feel almost at home. It is a completely modern city with traffic lights, sidewalks, good sanitation, cool buildings that are taller than 5 stories, beautiful parks, the only national park in a city in the whole world, and numerous other super cool things to see and do.

We went and chilled at our guest house for a few hours and then started checking things out. We went to a sweet supermarket called Nakumatt and litterally went crazy in the aisles looking at all the food we havent seen in weeks! After a couple days in Nairobi we headed back onto another wonderful "luxury" coach bus and drove the 8 hours to the eastern coast of Kenya to a resort town called Mombasa. Our "resort"'s name was Container! It was a good 10 minute walk from the beach and when we saw that our toilet had no seat, we felt right at home like we were in JInja! I didnt have a mosquito net to sleep with so we turned the fan on high to guard us from the skeeters. We did have a tv all to our own with 2 channels. One showed mostly latin soap operas dubbed into english and the other showed mostly Kenya news spoken in Swahili.

WE went to the beach, and the got to swim in the indian ocean! me and beth rented tubes and litterally went wild in the waves for a good 2ish hours on our last day there. it was a full moon so the tide was suuuuuper high and came in sooo fast you could walk at a normal pace and it would be lapping at your heels. We saw a fisherman while we were snorkelling at a reef about 1km off of the shore and he had an octopus so.....we bought it and cooked it on the beach and ate it for lunch!! it was not that good and anyone who knows me will be shocked to learn i ate octopus considering how i will not even touch a pea or a bean. We also got to ride camels on the beach which was super cool. We knew we were going to have to make a trip to the coast since we are here for so long and because michelle is leaving on the 10th of august, and its her birthday that day, we just had to go all together! We took 3 night buses so we wouldnt have to pay for hostels and scrimped and saved and cheaped out on a lot of things and had the best time ever. We came home a day early because we miss our babies at amai too too much and couldnt be away for so long. Me and Sophia are having a date tomorrow, and mommy and me day!

OH funny story and the reason why this post is called left behind---. so last night we were 2 hours into our bus ride home from nairobi and we make a stop in a town called Nakuru. Me and beth get out to find a bathroom and when we're back in some dinky little cafe bathroom, a man comes in and yells "YOUR BUS IS LEAVING!" so we yell back " TELL THEM TO WAIT 1 MINUTE!" so we hurry up and get out to the road about 30 seconds later and our bus is GONE. so me and beth immediately start flipping out because we were a bit scared being in a random kenyan town, in a bad area of it, surrounded by men and not a woman in sight. These guys start coming up to us and we realise they are helping us and we tell them we have no money for a taxi- everything we have is on the bus. So i use this man's cell phone to call MIchelle who is still on the bus. Only problem is shes sleeping AND her cell is turned off. So we run over to a taxi and we all jump in to chase down the bus when it comes crawling around the corner.

I was soooooo mad and so scared that i kinda of yelled at the bus driver but seriosuly! who sees 2 white girls leave a bus and then drives away 1 minute later when he KNOWS they arent on the bus? so he points to this man beside him and says " you talk to this one" and "this one" is the man who closes the curtains on the bus and hands out glucose cookies and pop. So me and beth are steaming mad and storm back to our seats at the back of the bus and plop down and start laughing so hard and texting people on our cell phones. MIchelle wakes us and has no idea any of this has happened.

Needless to say we all had a great time and were safe and sound the whole way! Until next time...

Aunty Emmy and Aunty Feffany