Friday, August 17, 2007

Auntie. The cake is where?

Sooo FINALLY I (bethany) have made it onto the schedule with the toddlers! I'm sooo pumped. My heart really is in the toddler room so much more than with the little ones. I mean they are all cute, but i just love those tods. I get to do preschool with them every morning and it is such good motivation to get out of bed...its really the best thing. Amy helps too three days a week but she has to do meds at 8am mondays and thursdays so she comes after that and helps with the kids that need a little one on one attention.

There never used to be preschool, but we have this really great volunteer Isabelle from Britain and she is a preschool teacher there. She has started up this amazing preschool program for the kids that is just so great. Its gone from chaos and running around and eating play-dough to three structured groups of kids actually learning and I just love being a part of it. Of course seeing as I only started a few days ago, its taken some getting used to for both me and the kids. Isabelle is in Rwanda for 10 days so I'm doing her job, which makes me kind of like a substitute teacher...and we all know how kids treat substitute teachers. Yesterday they were miserable little brats and almost all of them lost at least one star from the star chart. And two got spanked. But today they were much better.

At the end of the week the kids with enough stars get to go on a special outing, so today we took the kids that were good to the upstairs suite of amani (thats for adoptive parents who visit) and we baked cake and let them watch movies. The good kids this week were Maria (shes such a hard little worker erin!), junior, dan, emily, and steven. We watched half an hour of snowdogs, 45 mins of aladdin, and 30 minutes of Curious George. While we were waiting for the cake to bake they started getting really bored of tv (these kids NEVER watch tv...) and so I took them, picked them up, and threw them onto the big couch with the comfy cushions and they were laughing soo much and jsut being so adorable. Then they would sneak into the kitchen and i would chase them back into the living room and they were SCREAMING at the top of their little was super fun until one of the mommas came up and told us to shut up because the babies were sleeping downstairs. Ooops!! We really had too much fun.

In other news, weve been trying to take ruthie with us lots to get her good one on one attention. We thought she was like ten months old, turns out shes almost TWO years old!!! She weighs like twelve pounds. Were determined to get her fattened up. Today I had her on my lap in the tube in our pool and I had a sucker which she really wanted so i gave it to her and her whole face was blue after like five minutes. She would suck it for a while and then stick it in my face to share with me. Then she would realize she was in the water, start to cry, then see the sucker, stick it in her mouth, and stop crying until she realized she was still in the water. Adorable. We would put up a picture but SOMEONE forgot her camera. Oh time!

OH and one more thing, some of our friends are putting on an outreach event, its a big concert meant to have young people meet other young people and hear about God, and weve been helping a lot with coordinating. I volunteered to pay for all of the photocopying of the posters and flyers, and also for them to put ads on the radio. It cost me like 30 dollars, but the radio ads are a whole months salary for a ugandan, and they wouldnt have been able to do it otherwise, it meant a lot to them. If you gave me money for this trip and are wondering where its going, thats one of the places! Were getting up bright and early tomorrow to hand out posters.

Anyhow, this is too long. Thanks for reading, its really encouraging to hear people say in emails, "oh i read your blog all the time!!!" Sometimes it feels like typing into an abyss. SO thanks!!! Hope you are all well...we miss you all. Please continue to pray for Hope and Phin, she didnt get her ruling on the 16th like we thought, but shes supposed to get it before the end of the month. Lets hope so!

Take care.

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