Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bethany and Amy- 0...... Car- 1

So Bethany and I, along with poor little Ruthie and George, got SMOKED by a car on sunday afternoon. Taking boda boda's is a very convenient and typical mode of transportation, if not the safest, it gets you from a to b. Usually in one piece! There are 2 types, abicycle boda is just that. a bicycle and you sit on the back of it. We were on a piki piki which is like a small motorcycle, kind of a like a vespa. Some have baskets on the front even. SO on this piki were bethany, holding george, me holding ruthie, and our boda man. It was a tight squeeze but its a way to save money and if there is only one piki around- its our only choice. FOr those of you who are familiar with JInja, we got hit right in front of the restaurant Leoz, on Main Street. The lady who hit us was coming across main so it was her fault. We don't really remember how it happened, just that she kind of t-boned us and we slid across the front of her bumper, scraping the paint off and our skin as we went!

Bethany landed with George underneath her.I landed holding ruthie away from the ground with one hand kind of like a mama cat holds her kitty by the scruff of its neck! Neither George nor Ruthie had ANY speck of dirt or anything on them. That in itself is a miracle as the usual boda vs. car incident results in death or serious injury. Praise the Lord it was sunday and there wasnt man people around and the car was going relatively slow!

So we get smoked by the car and all of a sudden we're on the ground with about 100 people crowding around us with about 4 ft of breathing space. I am screaming because my leg is ripped up and i bit through my lip and broke my fall with my elbow and i'm scared to death about the kids and bethany is cradling george sobbing because she though she had crushed him to death. When beth gets in a traumatic situation or is scared, she cries, I get MAD MAD MAD! So there i am, barking orders at everyone, getting people to get help and take ruthie from me and poor bethany is thinking she just killed george. A man takes ruthie from me and immediately flips her upside down and is holding her like a dead chicken by her feet!!! I FREAKED out and was screaming at him to give her back and a woman gives her to Bethany. We later learned that people in villages normally turn children upside down when they are hurt to check for broken bones so again, PTL that she didnt have any broken bones that would have been messed up by being held upside down!

So i called our friend David and he met us at the hospital. We called Siouxanne, the nurse here, and she came and helped us out SOOO MUCH! we were so happy she was there. She cleaned our wounds and everything and helped us calm down. Word gets around quickly in a town like jinja and in 20 minutes, seriously, we had 6 friends at the hospital to make suer we were ok! And i had the most random people calling my phone. (Rach and air- Iddi called and was so cute!) Danyne- the director of AMani showed up and took care of all the little details about the crash. A funny thing was that we could have gone to the police but we would have had to wait till 2pm because thats when they come back from their lunch break! While we were on the porch of the hospital, diana, Danyne's 7 yr old daughter, says so quietly, almost to herself, "God is bettah than a doctah".

From there we went home and chilled the rest of the evening with Hope and Phineas and our awesome new volunteer friend Katie!

Some things that are different when we get hit by a car in Uganda as opposed to Canada:

-Ambulances would have been called for Me, Bethany, the Piki Driver, Ruthie and George.
-Police would be called and more importantly, SHOW UP!
-People would not come out of the woodwork to watch 2 white girls lay on the ground sobbing and screaming.
-Upon arrival at the hospital, the kids would have got a LOT more than a once over if doc's were told they were just hit by a car.
- people wouldn't tell you to "stop crying, you will be fine" like the second you step into the hospital, they would say its going to be ok, but they'd let you cry, because when you get hit by a car with 2 orphans you NEED to cry about it!
- When you said your names were Amy and Bethany, they wouldn't put your meds in paper bags labeled, "Amiya" and "Lynn"
- if you said you landed on your elbow, they might take an xray. Here they just crank it in all directions and if you dont cry out in pain, your will be fine.

So i'm so happy no one broke any bones as getting surgery in Uganda is sketchy at best! We are doing fine and recuperating in with some boxes of pringles, indian chocolate bars, and ER season 4 dvd!

We'll post photos of our war wounds soon! Love you all!

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Victoria said...

Amy and Bethany,

You don't know me but I am a friend of Erin and Scott Littleton. I read your blog all the time and enjoy it everytime. After reading todays incident I felt like I had to write and tell you how happy I am that the accident did not turn out to be worse than it actually was. God is on your side and looking out for you both because he can see all the work that you are doing there. Bless you both for all of your work and showing all those kids that there are so many people that love them. You guys are on my prayer list, my praises go out to you. Victoria Bailey