Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Caca Central!

Well last night was a night bethany and i won't soon forget. I had taken Ruthie (a TINY one year old) with me all day and even brought her swimming with me and she was being so quiet and not herself at all. Normally she's really whiny if you put her down after you've been holding her but she didnt cry ALL day! So she had to be changed after i was holding her out by the pool and i took her up to our room and put her on my bed. I made the mistake of taking off her diaper before i had a clean one under her and she had diarrhea explosion ALL over my bed. She acutally was able to hit my fitted shit, top sheet, and my blanket all in one shot. Talented baby she is! So after i got her all cleaned up and soaked my sheets in detergent bethany, myself and Imi, (the ugandan girl who lives with her boyfriend in the other apartment of the house we live in and who we LOOOVE!) came to amani for beth to get george for the night and for us to help out with the supper chaos. So Ruthie didnt eat anything at all for supper and i was a bit worried about her so i packed her supper incase she wanted it later. We then went to Hope's house for pizza supper and ruthie was so sedate and george was his usual adorable cuddly self.

Long story short, we are lying on my bed (me and beth) talking about how peaceful ruthie looks while she sleeps and on cue- she wakes up and 5 seconds later is barfing the biggest baby barf i've ever seen ALL over my bed AGAIN. so we get her cleaned up and i give her some oral rehydration stuff and put her to bed again.

I wake up at 4:30am to an awful stench and change ruthie. Bethany wakes up and rubs georges back only to find her hand covered in diarrhea. LIke we're talking head to toe rhea blowout. He looks up at her and says "aunty- caca" and she scoops him up and while she bathes him as he whimpers at the freezing cold water at 4:30 in the morning, i undress her bed and bleach her mattress. We put George to bed on the bare mattress and then go outside to wash (by hand mind you) our gross sheets and blankets.

It was a spectacular baby sleepover. Until next time...

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