Sunday, August 12, 2007

exposed to ugandan culture...

So the yesterday me and Amy were sitting at our table playing skip-bo in our typical saturday afternoon tradion, and I go outside to check our laundry on the line and I see a woman sitting just outside our fence directly facing our door with three babies lying on towels all looking right into our house. So I say hi and she calls me over (after informing me that skippy just threw up all of the leftover spaghetti we gave her) and asks me for money for her baby. I actually had no money on me so I apologized and went back inside. I sit back down to our skip-bo game and this lady proceeds to whip off her shirt and begins breastfeeding right there, ten feet away from our open door. Had this been the first time we had seen this, we might have been surprised. But exposed women breastfeeding is not entirely uncommon here. Amy also had an interesting experience being called over to our neighbours' house for tea, and greeting their elderly mother who was sitting topless in the living room. We were also invited to attend the christening of their little daughter "Phillip" but were in Nairobi. Its really an interesting reflection on western culture...when we told this story to our ugandan friends they held up a "Life & Style" magazine we had on our table, flipped to beach photos of skantily clad celebrities, and said "THIS is indecent exposure!" Fair enough...but it definitly takes some getting used to!

Last night we had Mary Cameron (who we affectionately call MC hammer), melody, and sophie sleep over. Mel slept in my bed, likely for the last time considering how much sleep i got, she fell asleep around midnight, a good 4 hours after the other girls. And woke me up roughly 15 times in the night. Lucky shes cute... And then they came to church with us and sat like pro-stars through a very long service. There was cake at the end so everyone was happy.

In other news our dear darling michelle went back home to cali on friday...we said an emotional goodbye to her at the airport in Entebbe and are missing her tons already. We are however glad to hear that she is already working on our care package which ideally will contain 90% Kraft Dinner mac and cheese...knock on wood.

If anyone is interested, baby Judah was recently adopted from Amani and this is a link to a newpaper article about him coming home to Santa Clarita, CA with Gunner and Cindi Gunderson.

Okay until next time! peace out.

PS Congratulations to our two friends Riley and Sarah, and Matt and Maddy who just got engaged this week!!

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