Monday, August 27, 2007

A Historic Grand Music Concert

So last saturday we helped out with a concert that our friends have been working so hard to put on. They called it "A Grand Music Concert", but it was often referred to as "historic" for a little extra emphasis. It was basically a community event with all kinds of famous christian artists from Uganda. It was free and just meant for people to come and hear about God and have a good time. They also had free HIV/AIDS testing so that people can learn their status.

We both helped out with finances which was a big need, it was fairly expensive for the venue, (Jinja Town Hall), and all of the artists that are really famous around Uganda. Amy made a general donation and I helped out with advertising and bought some radio ads. We also helped out and made some posters and paid for the photocopying. They were really appreciative, its crazy how much difference like 40 dollars from us can make. We also volunteered to be the head ushers and put together a little team of ushers to help seat people.

We arrived at town hall at 9:30 in the morning and helped set up chairs, and did just general running around during the day. The concert was supposed to start at 2:00, which of course means that people start showing up around ten to three. I was STRESSED thinking this concert is going to be a disaster, no one is coming, and just generally panicking. But sure enough, as the day progressed people started filtering in, and were still arriving at 5 and 6:00!! Overall it was a huge success. People had a really good time, and there were some really talented performers. A dance team from Kampala came called Sacrifice Divine, and they were UNREAL. I stood there feeling painfully white and wishing so bad I could dance like them, they were sooo good. Also a kids choir from Walukuba, (a kind of suburb of Jinja) and they sang and danced and were generally adorable. Also our friends were in a choir and prepared three songs that they sang, one of which was a really cool Congolese song with sweet dancing. Again...we are so white...

It ended around 7:00 and we stayed around to help take down chairs, it only took like an hour and a bit, which seemed like no big deal to us. But our friends were so appreciative and just couldnt believe that we had come so early in the morning and stayed all the way until the end. We were like, seriously, no big deal! It was a super fun day and a really neat thing to be a part of.

Other than that, the most exciting news we have is that Hopes mom sent us a care package consisting ENTIRELY of mac and cheese. I almost passed out when I saw it...I cant wait to go eat dinner!!!! Thank you Janie!!!! You made our MONTH. At home, mac and cheese is a food group for us and you just cant find it were just slightly excited.

Please keep praying for Hope, September 4th is sneaking up really fast and its difficult for us to plan ahead when we dont know whats happening. Please pray!!! Thanks.

Until next time,

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