Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Left Behind

Hi Everyone! This is Amy blogging here. So Bethany and I, along with our wonderful friend Michelle, just got home this morning at 10am. We left JInja last Thursday at 8:30am and boarded our bus for Nairobi Kenya! The bus ride was utterly indescribable. Think of the worst road you've ever been on and times that by 100 and then by 12 hours and you have the bus ride from hell complete with 6 foot pot holes, dirt road highways and almost breaking the sound barrier at points. We had our bags fall from the over head storage compartments and lucky me got to carry my bag on my lap the whole way there. Add to this all, we were in the VERY last row and were air borne about 40% of the time. We FINALLY made it to Nairobi and were greeted by our wonderful friends Tillas and Charles' smiling faces. It was sooo strange to go to Nairobi and feel almost at home. It is a completely modern city with traffic lights, sidewalks, good sanitation, cool buildings that are taller than 5 stories, beautiful parks, the only national park in a city in the whole world, and numerous other super cool things to see and do.

We went and chilled at our guest house for a few hours and then started checking things out. We went to a sweet supermarket called Nakumatt and litterally went crazy in the aisles looking at all the food we havent seen in weeks! After a couple days in Nairobi we headed back onto another wonderful "luxury" coach bus and drove the 8 hours to the eastern coast of Kenya to a resort town called Mombasa. Our "resort"'s name was Container! It was a good 10 minute walk from the beach and when we saw that our toilet had no seat, we felt right at home like we were in JInja! I didnt have a mosquito net to sleep with so we turned the fan on high to guard us from the skeeters. We did have a tv all to our own with 2 channels. One showed mostly latin soap operas dubbed into english and the other showed mostly Kenya news spoken in Swahili.

WE went to the beach, and the got to swim in the indian ocean! me and beth rented tubes and litterally went wild in the waves for a good 2ish hours on our last day there. it was a full moon so the tide was suuuuuper high and came in sooo fast you could walk at a normal pace and it would be lapping at your heels. We saw a fisherman while we were snorkelling at a reef about 1km off of the shore and he had an octopus so.....we bought it and cooked it on the beach and ate it for lunch!! it was not that good and anyone who knows me will be shocked to learn i ate octopus considering how i will not even touch a pea or a bean. We also got to ride camels on the beach which was super cool. We knew we were going to have to make a trip to the coast since we are here for so long and because michelle is leaving on the 10th of august, and its her birthday that day, we just had to go all together! We took 3 night buses so we wouldnt have to pay for hostels and scrimped and saved and cheaped out on a lot of things and had the best time ever. We came home a day early because we miss our babies at amai too too much and couldnt be away for so long. Me and Sophia are having a date tomorrow, and mommy and me day!

OH funny story and the reason why this post is called left behind---. so last night we were 2 hours into our bus ride home from nairobi and we make a stop in a town called Nakuru. Me and beth get out to find a bathroom and when we're back in some dinky little cafe bathroom, a man comes in and yells "YOUR BUS IS LEAVING!" so we yell back " TELL THEM TO WAIT 1 MINUTE!" so we hurry up and get out to the road about 30 seconds later and our bus is GONE. so me and beth immediately start flipping out because we were a bit scared being in a random kenyan town, in a bad area of it, surrounded by men and not a woman in sight. These guys start coming up to us and we realise they are helping us and we tell them we have no money for a taxi- everything we have is on the bus. So i use this man's cell phone to call MIchelle who is still on the bus. Only problem is shes sleeping AND her cell is turned off. So we run over to a taxi and we all jump in to chase down the bus when it comes crawling around the corner.

I was soooooo mad and so scared that i kinda of yelled at the bus driver but seriosuly! who sees 2 white girls leave a bus and then drives away 1 minute later when he KNOWS they arent on the bus? so he points to this man beside him and says " you talk to this one" and "this one" is the man who closes the curtains on the bus and hands out glucose cookies and pop. So me and beth are steaming mad and storm back to our seats at the back of the bus and plop down and start laughing so hard and texting people on our cell phones. MIchelle wakes us and has no idea any of this has happened.

Needless to say we all had a great time and were safe and sound the whole way! Until next time...

Aunty Emmy and Aunty Feffany

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