Thursday, August 9, 2007

More new baby photos and Phin's birthday!

This is a photo of little 10 month old, 8 pound 11.5 ounce daniel. Believe it or not that is his smile. TOO cute! i love love love this little guy. He was the one who was found on the back of his mother with a whole potato in his mouth. He is extremely malnourished.

We got another new boy yesturday. His name is Edwin and hes about 9 months. His mom is in prison and came with 2 guards to hand her baby over to Amani. She is HIV positive and the prison is unwilling to provide the meds that would allow her to still breastfeed and not infect her son with HIV and they are also not willing to give her extra food so she is able to feed her son. So until she is out of prison, Amani will be his home. Its too sad.

There is a photo of me (Amy) holding Phin with HOpe next to me, BEthany next to her and MIchelle on the end. Michelle is going home tomorrow and has been spending the morning with me and the babies at Amani and helping me give meds. IN a couple minutes i'm going to Rippon Medical Clinic and taking Jonathan who's lost 1 kilo in the last week but is eating good. HE has night sweats and night fevers which are signs of Malaria but with the weight loss its most likely TB. so we're going to get a chest xray to see for sure.

There is another photo of a baby with a blanket tied to her head. That is Katie (aka Mr.T). Last time i was here she was sooooooooooooooo sick. LIke edge of death sick and Rachel and Arielle nursed her back to health and now shes a huge fatty! She gets her AIDS cocktail at 8am and 8pm and thats really saved her life. She is doing so good and will be accompanying BEthany and I to the airport in september to welcome back Rachel! (you can check out her blog at

The baby in the blue dress and yellow sweater is my dear little Ruthie! She is a DOLL, she has the cutest little chipmunk smile and such a sweetheart. I was taking her to church that morning and had got her all dressed up it!

There is another photo of Daniel and you can see just how small he is for 10 months old. He can hold his head up but thats about it. His upper arms are just bigger than my thumb. He is quickly gaining weight though so thats awesome!

Phin is in a photo with his awesome yellow sweater vest. 2 days ago he had to get his eye sty drained because it was so badly infected. HIs eye looked HORRIBLE. So poor HOpe takes him to the good clinic, IAA, and Dr. Charles (who we take all amani kids too) said she needed to get it drained like quick time so she went to Rippon Eye center and the doctor said he was going to make a small incision in the inside of his eye lid and gently drain out the pus and blood. So they give him a shot to numb the eye and don't even wait a second for it to numb anything and just slice. So Phin lets out a blood curdling scream because a strange person is slicing his eye ball open and then the doctor sqeezes SO hard and all this puss shoots out and Hope is bawling because a nurse is holding down her baby and the doctor is hurting him so much and shes telling the doctor to stop and they just bandage up his eye and send them on their way! ME and bethany were waiting at her house and she comes aroudn the back and just breaks down! it was awful but now Phin is doing much better and Hope is too and everyone is over the tramatizing eye draining incident. Hope didnt want to put his eye cream in that night though so i was the bad guy and did it for her! :) So the photo with the cute baby with the eye patch is our dear little Phineas David Howard Little and his unbelieveable mom, Hope.

There is photo of a girl in a red school uniform and thats Rachel Arielle and I's special girl, Esther. She is our friend Richards neice and the moment you meet this girl you fall in love with her. She is so smart and Rach and Air paid for her school fees so she could go to a really good school. She is devastating!

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Rachel and Arielle said...

oh amy! i love this post! i can't believe katie!!!!! she is shockingly different! i cant wait to see her. im so excited to see you guys. im writing you an email. so read it. love you guys!