Tuesday, August 7, 2007

PTL!!! (praise the Lord!)

This is a photo of little Jackson Moses Littleton who will soon be going home to america to his amazing mom and dad erin and scott. They have sweet bracelets you can get on their blog www.thelittletonfamily.blogspot.com The grease all over his face is from the loads of chicken he ate!

Last night Michelle, Bethany, Hope Phin, Jackson and i went to our congolese friend, Raoul's house for supper. His sisters Deborah, Linda, Natalie, and Mary made us the yummiest meal and we LOVE LOVE LOVE going for supper there. The sisters can only speak french so converstating is a bit difficult but we get by! They made up spagetti, fish, chicken, irish (potatoes), and rice. so good. Phin has been sick with a gigantic sty in his eye and hasbeen under the weather a bit and supper was late last night and his babysitter had fed him a meal in itself right before we left to go so he really wasnt feeling the meal. Hope was trying to eat her watermelon for desert and phin was being cranky and not listening so she said "Phineas! Sit down NOW!" and it was so strange but he didnt even bend his knees to sit he just bum dropped onto the cement floor and CRUSHED a bowl under his monstorous weight. He is large for a 2 year old, just super super sturdy and will make an excellent football player. It was quite a sight and he scared himself so bad. it was hilarious. Jackson is used to eating at the babys home and doesnt get seconds so he was just mowing down the food, like going full throttle his last meal on earth style eating. And lucky auntie michelle took him for the night and he pooped so much in his diaper that it was up to top collar of his jammies!! He woke her up this morning at 6:30 by singing and rubbing her ear. He usually goes to bed around 7:30 and he fell asleep at 10:30 with michelle after an hour long bath in a little plastic bucket and she gave him a cup and a truck to play with and every time he would pour the water out of the cup he'd yell "Allelujah!" (people aren't really good at saying h's here)

JAckson is superly into singing songs and one of his all time favorites is 'touch my body' but until recently he only knew one line so the song would go "touch my body, touch my body, touch my body, touch my boooody" but now he sings "touch my body, touch my body, touch my spirit and make me whole".

Yesturday i was in the toddler house giving meds and i came across jackson sitting on his potty and just singing his little heart out to praise and worship songs. i came in while he was belting out "do to others, do to others, what you would have them do to you. do to others, do to others, what you would have them do to you. for this is the command from the law and the prophets, do to others do to others, what you would have them do to you!" so of course i ran to get my camera to video this beautiful little guy singing so preciously and when i came back in he was singing "do not repay evil with evil but overcome evil with good". i told him i was going to send the video to his mommy and he said, "yes i want to sing!" --so erin you might have the next michael w. smith on your hands!

So this morning i babysat pHin for Hope while she went to meet with people in the courts and so me and phin and their neighbor boy james, hung out for about an hour. When hope came back she gave me GREAT news about how her husband kevin had talked to his boss and they've agreeed to let hope stay till the end of august when we except she'll be able to go home WITH phin because she'll hopefully have a ruling on august 16th so make sure to keep praying about that! But me and bethany are quite excited because as much as we wanted to take phin for hope, we REALLY REALLY love our little teeny tiny house and are really looking forward to living in it for another month until our friend Rachel comes from Minneapolis to join us! (Rach we love you and are PUMPED to see you!!)

This sunday at church is women's sunday so they do everything! the preaching, the praising, the praying and they cook for the entire church so me and bethany are going with our friend Domalie to help bake cakes with the church ladies for the sunday service! And bethany and I are contributing cases of soda because we are usless with ugandan cooking.

A mama at Amani, Mama Doreen, has a very sick mom up in gulu and is unable to pay the 50,000 shillings it costs for the bus so bethany and i gave her the money today and she looked like she was going to cry, it meant so much to her. So thank you for giving us money because it allows us to help lots of people out here!

Ok its Taco night at hopes and Raoul brought over his tv and dvd player for us to watch a MOVIE!!! we've been talking about which movie to watch all week in anticipation for this day! Tonight is also bible study so at 7 we'll be heading on over to our friends Davids house, and this week we'll have a testimony to tell our friends. About the power of prayer and the good news of hope! Ok thanks everyone for praying and keep it up= its working!


Scott and Erin said...

Hi girls... needless to say, I'm obsessed with this post :) Man, I love those kids!

Please send Mama Doreen our regards and tell her that we are praying for her mom.

Thanks for loving our kids :-D

(oh, also, are Jackson's hookworms gone? That's all i could think when I heard the story about the poop... Sorry Michelle!!!)

Rachel said...

Hi Girls!!!
I loved this post. It's just homey sounding...like good old Jinjer Ugander. I can't wait to see you and you better have a fat baby Katie on your hip at the airport!! Love you both!