Friday, August 3, 2007

Sleepover Time!!!


Last night bethany and I took Mary Cameron, Melody, Sophia and George for a sleepover at our house! It was so much fun and all the kids were sooo wonderful. I slept with Sophia, Beth slept with Georgie and MC and Melody slept on the floor between our beds on our dufflebags filled with clothes! It was an awesome time and here are a bunch of photos of our party!!

MC was such a sweetheart and woke bethany up this morning by rubbing her head through the mosquito net. she refused to sleep on a bed and wanted to sleep with Mel on the makeshift bed between our beds. Mel woke up with a bad dream in the middle of the night but went to sleep right away after she remembered where she was. I looked down at them around 4am and melody had turned herself around and so her head was where her feet used to be and she was halfway under my bed with only her legs sticking out. So i dragged her from under my bed and put her back properly.

THis morning george and melody had to caacaa at the same time and while bethany was holding melody on the toilet, george couldn't wait and squatted down and pooped all over our bathroom floor then dragged his feet all through it! So beth got the pleasure of bleaching our bathroom floor and bathing a poopy baby at 7am! This morning MC also told us that she had donut in her diaper as well as chapati!

Soph slept next to me on my bed and i woke her up this morning and she looked at me with a HUGE smile on her face and climbed into my arms..!! That made me year! Every day i'm so thankful to be back here with these precious children and my sophie.

In other news, we got 2 new boys at amani yesturday. Ones name is Asherife and the other's name is Daniel. Daniel was brought to us from a white lady who was in a village outside of Jinja and found him on his mom's back. She asked the mother why such a young baby was eating solid food and she told her that her baby was over 9 months old. He is about 6 or 7 pounds and very very malnourished. His rib cage is gross and his limbs are skin and bones. He is doing much better now however. Asherife was found by the police after local people had told the police that he had been sitting at a bus station for 2 days. His mother had abandoned him there. He is doing very well at amani but also looks a bit malnourished.

So here are some photos for all of you! Obviously the one of the camel is of me and beth on MOmbasa Beach in Kenya. Thats the INdian Ocean we're beside. Sophie is the beauty with the wild hair and green shirt (thanks Jan and Ava!- she was wearing ava's nike sandles and ava army pants too!). Bethany is brushing Melody's teeth while Mel sits in our bathroom sink. There's a close up of Mel's smiling face proudly wearing the star necklace her mom sent her (SHE LOVES IT!) Georgie Melody and Sophie are on the floor eating spagetti, Soph has the pigtail puffs. There is another of the beach in Mombasa where women are beating octopus to untoughen the meat. (is untoughen a word??) and another of Mary Cameron looooving her spagetti and ragu sauce we picked up in nairobi. There is one of me and JImmy getting his breathing treatment with me at the international clinic. He had pnemonia there.

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Leala Danninger said...

Thank you for the updates about Melody and all of the detail and the pics, it was wonderful! I did notice she had the little necklace we sent her on and I was soooo glad to see she got our package! Your stories about life in Uganda are great! We are praying for you guys.