Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's been some few days.....

Amy Here! --One of our favorite sayings here in Uganda is "some few days/minutes/hours/weeks" Its used instead of "a little while ago". Another favorite saying is "ok! Nice time!" which is used instead of "see you later".

So much has happened since Sept 14 and yet not a lot. Time flies here. Parts of the country are under a state of emergency because of the torrential rains that have come with the onset of rainy season and the forecast shows no relief until mid november. Some districts are totally wiped out. Imagine living in a mud hut with a grass roof and have hours of rain a day. It reminds me of the sunday school song "the wise man built his house upon the rock". Although here- there is no option so everything is built in mud! Needless to say, thousands of homes have been washed away and many bridges linking crucial northern and eastern areas have been destroyed or are impassable.

Here in Jinja we've been experiencing some frustrating power outages and water shortages. Last week we were without power for 5 and half days. And the night the power came back on, the water was cut off. We didn't have water or power last night which was espeically handy since we have brought Sophia and Melody over for a playdate/sleepover with Phin. Bethany had to go to town to do some important emailing so i was left with the 3 hyper kids for a couple hours. After our dinner of macaroni and rice (yummy and creative i know!) i put them all in the shower area in 2 buckets. Soph and Mel shared the big bucket and Phin had the small one. I just sat back and watched as they all went wild with their cups in the 6 inches of water they were all sitting in. AS sophia was getting out for me to wash her hair, she slipped and fell and hit her face on the tile floor which made a nice little hole in her lip! I picked up my poor dear girl and was hugging her and just as i had her covered in a towel, the power went out! Sooooo convienient. So as i was holding a sobbing sophia, and while both Mel and Phin were screaming "candle! Candle!" i somehow managed to find my way to our match stack and lit a candle. I put it in the bathroom and then got my headlamp and tended to soph's bleeding lip. Then phin came out and i got him ready for bed while i let mel just relax and chill in the tub. So Aunty Befamy came home and we put the kiddo's to bed and finally had some time to relax and chill ourselves.

This is our nightly routine: Make phin supper, play with him, bathe him, put him to bed. Crack open our cold sodas, grab our "u and me's" (chocolate bars from dubai), light the candles and sit at our table playing skipbo for an hour or 2 or 3- depending on our energy level. Then we read and go to bed! Every night!

Bethany and I are starting to get more involved here and are doing more leading in Bible study on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Next week Bethany is sharing at the big 40 ppl cell on Tuesday and i'm sharing at the smaller 15 person cell on Thursday. We are both a little bit nervous but it'll be fine because its just what you do here.

Today our dear friend JP leaves for Entebbe and things will definitely change. This guy is so sweet and genuine and Godly and a great leader in the church, in our cell and in our group oif friends. HE'll be missed for sure. And as much as me and Beth HHHAAATTTEEE going to kampala, we'll definitely make the trip to see our great friend! Ok until next time...

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Rachel said...

Hi Girls! Is Amy okay?!? PS I know I'm horrible at calling you, but I don't know how to re-charge my phone mins and I haven't been able to since I talked to Amy last. I can't wait to talk again. I hope you are both healthy and doing well. Love you guys and am praying for you both.