Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Hi Everyone! Today we are celebrating the 45th year of Uganda's independence from the British! YEAH!This photo is one of the primary schools in Jinja during the parade this morning. On Sunday in the paper, they had a big section on events that have shaped Uganda's recent history since independence and its so interesting to hear the way people think of Idi Amin here. At home everyone takes him for a murderous, tyrannical leader but here, people don't really think that way. They see the roads he built and the many hospitals he built and the free medicine he gave people. So its funny.

This morning while Beth and i were on main street eating fruit salad and drinking African tea, a BIG marching band came down the street with a big parade and it was so cool. I took a video of it so that was fun.

Yesterday Bethany and I went to Buzika to Canaan children's Home, which is run by a man named Pastor Isaac. Our good friend Katie works there and is doing amazing work! The village of Buzkia is pretty small and about a 25 minute piki ride outside of Jinja and kinda in the middle of nowhere. The ride there is absoluetly breath taking, with some stunning scenery.

We hung out with the kids all afternoon and went on a 2 hour walk around the village. The dogs from Canaan were following us and one was good, James and one had "very very bad manners" (in the words of the kids) and his name is Solomon. So we go past one of the many mud huts and a family has their sheep tied to trees and Solomon goes chasing after the sheep and one runs itself into a tree, and the other breaks free and James and Solomon start chasing him and then jump him like a lion jumps on their prey. Solomon is at the poor sheep's throat about to chomp and kill it when Bethany, Katie, myself and the 4 10 year old Canaan girls we were walking with, run and start kicking the dogs off the sheep and the sheep just sits there playing dead and we have this lady telling us we need to buy her a new sheep and the girls keep kicking Solomon for having such bad manners! Ugandans are VERY polite, so even a stubborn dog is cause for embarrassment. The sheep lived and no one had to pay.

Ugandans (i'm not sure if this is true of Africa as a whole) used to think that white people had mythological power and thats kinda the thinking still in rural village settings. The kids go crazy for white people and will chase and yell A MZUNGU! HOW ARE YOU! Mothers with babies will hold their babies out for you to hold because they think its like a blessing kind of for the kid.

Ok Enjoy the photos!!!
Also check out this blog, www.theyouthtogether.blogspot.com. This is one of the ministries we are involved with.

These 2 sweethearts are JAson and Bobby. There are about 8 toddlers that hang out after breakfast and are "potty trained", but its more like they just hang out. Jason is handicapped somehow and Bobby is HIV positive. Jason is hilarious and a sweetheart. Bobby is cute too but a bit reserved.

Here is giant Phineas in a bucket bathing in our bathroom, with Melody in the other bucket splashing about.
Sophia was also sleeping over this night but she had just smashed her face on the tile and was crying in my arms. Then the power went off!

This is a typical dumpster. As you can see it isn't really doing its job, thanks to the giant holes in both sides. It smells as good as it looks when you walk by.

This beautiful creation was killed by our dogs in our compound. I have big feet, size 10, and this rat was longer and wider than my foot. Notice the nice intestines that were spilling out the side. Its tail was probably as thick as my middle finger and a foot long. A nice little surprise to come home too! PTL for Blackie and Brownie who saved us from this monstrosity!

These are the bestest friends in the whole world! Our dear Phineas and his best friend, Raoul Mugosa. Raoul is one of our dear friends, SUCH a great guy. We love his sisters too! Phin always talks about Raoul and whenever he leaves, Phin cries or says over and over over, "raruwal gone".

There are numerous stunning storms like this one. Thanks to bethany's excellent photography/camera tools navigation skills, we got these beauties! It was even more beautiful in reality.

The power was even out this night so you can't see the few street lights and house lights of our neighbors.

This is Mweru (steven) and one of the best mama's at Amani, Mama Harriet or Mama Senga! She LOVES Mweru and he is soon going to be reunited with his father and moving to the village to be placed with his dad and his new family! He may have autism or something. He is SUCH a sweetheart!

Mommy King- this ones for you! Here is Joyce who is enjoying her desert of cake after she scarffed chicken and chips and soda! I gave her 4 dress choices and she picked this one and was so pumped to wear it and look "so smart!"

The 2 blogging beauties themselves rocking out to Beyonce on the way to the surgeon's office in Kampala! We were on a coaster where you should be sitting 3 across but they stuff you 4 across. People liked the lip syncing and dancing we were doing!

Arnold, Mathias, and Duane are all enjoying 3 of the 40 bags of pop corn (or "pon con" as the kids call it) for a little Tuesday afternoon snack! Arnold is often refered to as Arnie or Grampa because he has the weirdest shaped head and an old look to him, but he is sooooo cute! Mathias is a ridiculous child who has a head that looks a bit alien and scream talks 90% of the time. Duane is a cutie who's being adopted!

Auntie Erin and Uncle Scott! THis ones for you! Beautiful Mary Cameron Littleton with Joseph's pants on her head!

This is the new Mr. and Mrs Opio! Bethany and I sang at their wedding with our friends, a lugandan song and it was so so fun!

A Phin Sandwich is what we like to call this pose.

My beautiful sweet girl Sophia enjoying some long life yogurt! YUMMY!

Here is a "modern" clinic where we are waiting to get an xray for the child who lays almost lifeless on bethany's life. He's bounced back now and healthy as ever! This is the xray room.

And this piece of machinery is the xray machine!

MMM....we love the smell of burn cure! the gross jelly that we had to put on our many road rash spots. My knee is swollen here along with my calf and now its healed. Thankfully i have a sizeable red scar to commemorate getting hit by a car! Oh the fun we have here!

Best friends at one of our Ugandan best friends, JP's, work party!

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