Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Moodoodoo!!! Jandoo!!

So today is a sad day - my bestie amy is gone! She left yesterday night for edmonton where shes going to get her surgery. Its okay, its only sad when I think about it! It feels really weird here without her, but I'm okay. I was talking to my sister today and she was being concerned for me because i'm "alone in africa" but i jsut wanted to say that i'm really not alone...at all. I have so many amazing friends here who i love so so much and as much as i miss Amy a TON I dont really feel alone because my friends here are just too great. I've already gotten like 5 phone calls from concerned friends. And I have my dearest darling friend Katie from Nashville who knows Steven Curtis Chapmans kid's. We are taking this week to plan what were going to do in Buziika and then next week are going to start doing all kinds of fun stuff with the kiddies there. I'm pretty pumped - in case anyone didn't know yet...I kind of like kids a lot.

Theres one superly cute boy there - hes one of the street kids and his name is Adam and he has down syndrome and is WAY too cute. White people here are called "mzungu" (mz-OON-goo) but he cant quite pronounce that so he calls us "moo-doo-doo." and instead of saying "jangu" which means "come" he says "jan-doo! jandoo moodoodoo!". Its basically the cutest thing thats ever happened on the planet. The other day I was swinging with one of the kids on my lap and I couldnt understand a word she said but she kept pointing to the sky and wanting me to swing higher and I was making her laugh by saying the few lugandan words I know. Seriously, kids are the best people on the planet.

I think that we are going to be in Buziika from monday to thursday, and then fridays at amani, and the weekends for spending time with my friends and going to the hospital ministry they do on sundays.

I've been getting texts from Amy during her flight - she is loving the first class treatment and lounges and is right now between amsterdam and toronto. Please pray for her, she might be having surgery as early as tomorrow.

I'm going to put up more pictures soon - my sister was complaining that there was too much detail and not enough photos so I'm going to take some photos of my house and my new roomie Katie and post them soon.

Until next time...

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