Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saddest news of our lives.....almost

At 8:10pm on Monday the 15th, I (amy) will be on a plane home to Edmonton Alberta for emergency surgery to have my dumb gall bladder removed. Apparently its too dangerous to get it out in Uganda and the complications could be bad so i'm flying home with a sweet(hopefully) nurse escort named Mario! The only things that are good about this are
1. i can eat a McDonalds McChicken meal 3 months earlier than i had thought
2. a month of Mtv
3. a new set of clothes to bring back

Other than that, it sucks big time and i'm going to miss out on SO MUCH here. The Youth Together (TYT), a local non profit that our Ugandan friends made and run ( are planning the next big event and i'm going to miss out on a month of that! We are planning a big seminar type thing for AIDS awareness and sensitivity among youth ages 13-25. We are working on getting it sponsored by some really big people like MTN- one of Uganda's major cell phone companies. It's looking to be really big, and really cool.

Tomorrow we have 'prayers' at deliverance church jinja and then we are attending an outreach at Nakanyonyi school in Jinja. Then after that i'm probably going to cry for a long time while we have friends over and then the next morning we are heading to Kampala to buy small bibles from the street and then board a plane for home.

Not fun. but apparently necessary if i want to live. Just kidding! I"m going to be giving updates from canada and beth will continue to update from Uganda. Ok until next time!


Victoria said...

My prayers will be with you on your surgery and for a safe trip home and a joyful return. Victoria

Rachel and Arielle said...

Amy! I can't believe all of this!!!! It's crazy. I love you and will be praying for you during your surgery and for your sad heart, leaving Uganda for a bit. You will be back before you know it and I will be picking YOU up from the airport!

Bethany, I'm sad you are sad about being there without Amy. It will go by so quickly though and you'll like Arielle and I better anyway. Ha! JK ames, we love you! See you both soon!

Love you sooo much Ames! Hang in there Bethany!