Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Surgery and Assault

So boy do we have lots to write about!

Well for those of you who know Amy, you might know that she hasn't been in the best health for the last six years. It turns out that her health issues have all been related to a gallbladder problem, and after a few really bad episodes in the last few weeks, its been determined that she needs to get surgery to have it removed. Originally we thought it would be best to go to Nairobi to get the surgery there, but after talking to the surgeon (Dr. Moses who vaguely resembles Dr. Benton from ER) we decided that getting the surgery in Kampala makes more sense. I'm sure some of you are thinking that we're crazy but the hospital in Kampala is really good, the surgeon we met with had just finished assisting on an open heart surgery...this hospital is more than equipped to do the surgery she needs. Its called laproscopic surgery which pretty much means that they cut three little holes in her stomach; one for the gallbladder-cutter-outer, one for the camera to see what they are doing, and one I think for putting air inside her to see whats going on. Its only a 45 minute procedure, and she'll only have to be admitted for like two days so it should be no big deal.

Of course this complicates our situation with Phineas, I don't think I can manage to take care of both Amy and him, so our dearest darling friend Katie is going to take him and Hope is trying to get a flight out here as soon as she can. It sucks, but we're in a bit of a tight spot. Amy will be in bed for a week after and lets face it, I'm only human! Please keep Hope in your prayers as she scrambles to get ready to come here sooner than she had anticipated.

So thats that. Oh and I was kind of sorta assaulted by our piki driver last night...we were in Kampala all day with our friend JP getting the surgery all organized and arrived back in Jinja at 10:00 after 4 hours on a coaster taking the longest detours to avoid the infamous Kampala "jams". We hopped on a motorcycle piki (which we take like all the time) and he drove us home. When we got home I gave him 1,000 shillings which is how much it costs and he starts telling me to give him more money, and saying that I only gave him 500 which was a lie, and then he gets off his bike, starts walking over to us. Our big gate has a door that our escari (night guard) opens to let us in at night and as I try to walk through the door the piki man grabs my waist and tries to drag me back out through the door!! I started screaming and pushing him and trying to get him to let go and then Amy starts screaming too and then I finally get free and were YELLING at our escari to close the door and lock it but the man pushed his way in and kept threatening us, it was super scary. I just went inside and Amy and Immy our ugandan friend who was taking care of Phin yelled at him in Lugandan, and he finally left. It was really scary, my legs were shaking pretty bad! But I'm totally fine though, he didnt hurt me at all. God was definetly protecting us!!

Anyhow, thats all for now...please keep Amy in your prayers, its funny because I talk about "our surgery" and "when were in the hospital" like were both getting surgery...but I'm going to get a bed next to her and wear a gown and do everything she does so she wont be lonely. But in reality its really just her being operated on so please keep her in your prayers! We're being admitted on monday and the surgery is tuesday morning.

Until next time....

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Scott and Erin said...

Amy and Bethany!

I haven't talked to you in AGES!!! Surgery! Assault! The drama of Uganda!

We are praying for you guys!