Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whats better than Puppies and Orphans?

There are some times here when I just cant even express how much I love my life. As much as I've been a little stressed...okay a lot stressed with Phin and Amy leaving and everything - I just cant complain when I'm sitting here with beautiful Sophia who is just babbling away something about chagodas (not a lugandan word...) and she keeps looking over and telling me "Gwe! Jo kokoba!!" Which means "You! I'm going to beat you!". And then saying "AUNTIE YOOKAT CAKE!!" and is eating nasty cake crumbles from a paper bag and is SO pumped because of the pink Barbie backpack I bought her for like 4 dollars at Big Bazaar. How can I really complain??

Plus we have the two cutest puppies ever...we were with Katie in Buziika the other day and Amy saw a dog that had quite clearly given birth recently...and so we decided to go hunt for the puppies! We found them in a house nearby and asked if we could take two. After spending half an hour sitting on the dirt floor trying to determine which ones were for sure the cutest - we ended up with our two newest family members.....


and Tula!!!

ARENT THEY PRECIOUS! They are really cute and definitly the cleanest dogs in all of africa...its funny because people here just do NOT think of dogs as pets! No one can understand why we tote them around in our backpacks and let them lay on our beds and feed them human food. I think its the equivalent of walking around Canada with two nasty rats in a backpack and talking to them and naming them and taking them to Western Union with you. Its really funny but we love them anyways! Tula is a girl and Matoke is her brother. Tula (too-la) means "sit" in lugandan and Matoke (ma-TOE-kay) is like a kind of not-sweet banana that is boiled and mashed - not my personal favourite dish here...Anyways it just makes us that much weirder that we have dogs named Sit and Banana...

And good news!! I got a call from Amy saying that the surgery is over and it went well and she is hoping to be back in 3 weeks or so!! PTL! Please keep praying for a speedy recovery.

Okay maybe this was a super boring blog but I'm going to put some pictures up too. I just really love my life here - like so much. I love Africa. K picture time!

Okay so this is when we went out for lunch with our pals David and JP - we ordered fish and it came ugandan-style...pretty much just dropped in the deep fryer fins, face and all. It takes a little getting used to but we ate it! Or most of it...Amy's had really big eyes so she had to put a cucumber over them so it wouldn't look at her while she ate it.

Ame likes to eat the face first and save the fins and tail for last...YUM.

This guy drinks like a FISH!

Okay my sister wanted to see pictures of our house so i took a few...unfortunately I wasnt smart enough to remember to take them all the right way so some of them are sideways...sorry!!

This is our bedroom...we have bunk beds (aka deckers) . Amys is the top and mines the bottom. Id take a better picture but my back was like up against the wall - our room is small!

If you were lying on the floor, this is what our kitchen would look like.

This is if your back is facing our kitchen - our front door and sweet green dustbin that says "i love africa" on the lid. I dont know why but I like it. I love our house that is the cheapest place on the planet!!

Okay and this is Christina aka. Teeny Beeny or Rice and Beans. There really aren't words for how stinkin' cute she is. I wish I could tell you what she was doing in this picture...but honestly I just dont know...its kinda scary...


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