Saturday, November 24, 2007

a bit of china in the middle of uganda

Who knew that theres a little bit of china in uganda?! we sure didnt so yesturday and the day before as we drove 3 boiling hot hours in a van packed with 13 people, 2 keyboards, a guitar, mixer and 13 peoples baggages, and saw km after km of rice patties, we were shocked! Who knew!

Today Princes Charles and Bill, and Steven Harper are joining bethany and i at our house for kraft dinner and crystal light. We are going to catch up and then possibly play a game or two of skip-bo by candle light. Then at the end of the night Beth and I will fight over who is going to marry Bill.

We are ready with our canadian flags for when they roll down Kiira road on their way to the source of the nile where a big, invite only, party has been planned.

So the last 2 days have been hectic and long and dusty and sweaty and fun! We drove with our 13 friends to Tororo, in the eastern part of Uganda, near Kenya, for David's Aunties introduction and wedding.

Introductions are kind of like our engagement parties but really really cultural, long and huge deals. WE got to wear gomesi, these really cool traditional dresses and shook slowly slowly to greet the bridegrooms family with Davids aunts. It was so cool! They treated us like family and it was really so cool to be a part of something so traditional and culturally Ugandan. It was really long though and those gomesi are not the coolest things to wear!

The wedding was the next day and it was held at a church in Tororo town at a church that was at the base of a huge almost mountain style hill made out of rock. It was stunning. Weddings here are so cool. They are the same as we have except really loud, really fun and everyone screams and there are always about 10 random people standing in front of the bride and groom taking photos while the maid of honor powders the brides face. We sang bethany's sweet solo song, Run to You, and our friend Raoul's congolese song that was especially great since me and beth are fluent in lingala! We had 4 others practised that were so good but something at the reception got wrecked and we couldnt do it. It POURED at the reception for maybe half an hour and after it the rain stopped, i helped the brides sisters put back all the flowers that had fallen from the stands and organzised the place again.

Me and bethany entertained ourselves with photo shoots because we were looking so so smart and then we slept for a bit on eachother and before we knew it- 4 hours had dragged by and it was time for food! 500 guests and not a fork to be seen. Beth sneakily grabbed some spoons that she found and we were able to forgo the eating with our hands thing that we are just not that coordinated at yet.

When we were leaving, we danced a bit with some ladies for their tribes traditional song and then we packed into the van again, all 13 of us with our equipment plus 2 random people who needed rides. SO comfortable for the long ride home.

Our friends Rachel and Arielle posted new kid photos on and i'm going to post some when the internet is a bit faster!

A lot of the amani parents are here and some kids are gonna be going home in the next week! So exciting! PTL

until next time...

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Victoria said...

It seems like you guys had a blast. I can't wait to see pictures. Thank you for letting us experience these things with you. Victoria