Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chockorate Brownies

yesturday we ran into Erin Littleton, Gig and Erin's kids, Mary Cameron (MC) and Jackson. They were on their way to the source cafe for some brownies made of chockorate as MC says. WE stopped and chatted for a bit. It seems we never see the kids whose parents are here anymore...probably because they are all with their parents! Which they should be but its still somehow sad. We are going to be so happy but so so so sad when they leave. MC and Jackson are two of a kind. It doesnt get much better than those kids! Jja Jja Rod and Amy- you are going to have a BLAST with MC- shes a real firecracker.

Yesturday night bethany and i met up with Carol, David Raoul, Roger, Andrew, Blessing and Michael Mark for choir practice! This thursday and friday we will be in Tororo, about 3 or 4 hours away for David's aunts wedding. She asked if David would put together a choir to sing for her, since she heard the TYT choir once and LOVED it! So we are singing the Ntambula song that me and beth are obsessed with and so so happy that we get to sing it again. We are also singing I will never be the same again, power of love, woman of love and run to you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE run to you for some reason. Roger told us all that we need to smile and look happy when singing Ntambula because its such a happy song but me and beth really dont have a clue what we're singing but we just smile and fake it like ole pros. Beth has a solo in Run to You and shes a bit nervous because she has to ad lib but its gonna be great!

This morning was church and Bethany, myself, Rachel and Arielle took Dan, Sophia, Asherife and Steven respectively. Sophia wore my neice Ava's pretty yellow dress and it looked So beautiful on her! She really comes out of her shell when shes with me and i acutally told her to be quiet because she was laughing so loudly, something i've never had to do yet!

Our church is in the midst of raising money for our new church building and today at the fundraiser we were able to raise 77000 shillings. Thats about 42 dollars. We had an auction and the only item up for bid was a live chicken that had its legs tied together and was held up at the front by the auctioneer man. Its crazy to think that a few months ago i had all the money they needed to build the church right in my own bank account! its definitely puts things in perspective.

After church we took the kids out of lunch and then me soph dan and beth went back to our house where i removed sophie's terribly shabby hair. her hair was so dirty that my fingers were acutally brown. like dirt.we all watched the incredibles with bethany enjoying it the most and me getting bored halfway through so i cleaned!

Mama Vicky Lowe had mentioned to Rachel how we hadn't mentioned her of Arielle on our blog yet so let me introduce them formally. Rachel and Arielle are here for 7 and 9 months and I met them last year at Amani where we hit it off! We are now ugandan bff's. Rachel and Arielle are constantly cracking jokes.

They've been told they have grown fat since the last time they were here so now all 4 of us are working on "reducing". people get a kick out of that here. Rach Air and I tried to run the 1km from their house to mine and we got a little past halfway. It WAS uphill the whole way though so keep that in mind before judging our ridiculous lack of endurance.

Anyways- until next time!

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