Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Judge Said Yes!

Mary Cameron Littleton said this on monday when Erin, her new mom, came running out of the van in the driveway at amani and was litterally bowled over by MC and Jackson jumping into her arms. I (amy) was eating posho, rice, cabbage and chicken in the toddler house and saw all this happen. I guess i'm just a little emotional this week but i burst into tears of joy because its so beautiful to see 2 kids who have waited 2 years for a mom run into the arms of the mom who has waited 2long and hard years waiting for that exact moment. Beautiful! I love it! Michelle Gennaro and Mark Tatlock are also here at Amani picking up their kids to bring home, Joseph and Duane, and Olivia and Paul. Praise God the judge said yes!

Bethany and i would like to give a shout out to Gigi's Samantha who is religious follower of our blog! Thanks samantha for reading and being interested in our time here in Jinja! When we come to North Carolina to visit MC and Jackson this summer (hopefully) maybe we'll get to meet you!

YEsturday was so good. I went to Mama Lois' house for tea after spending the day at amani and Mama Robina was there too. Mama Lois is having surgery in January and was unable to pay the 2 million shilling price tag (about 1100 dollars) but while i was home, some very kind and VERY generous and VERY VERY lovely people donated and i was able to tell Mama Lois that she doesnt have to worry anymore! That all her expenses are now covered! She was overwhelmed and said she will never have the words to thank the people who gave so generously to a woman they dont even know.

It was her daughter Steffi's 3rd birthday and i was able to bring back some pretty cute presents which she was THRILLED about last night. I brought her an umbrella and 2 shirts, a pair of shorts, a dora the explorer towel and face cloth and a princess blanket. I also brought a beautiful hand card from MY mama which Mama Lois thought was just so beautiful and kind. I brought her a big pink robe that she loved, that she can bring to the hospital when she has her surgery so she can be nice and comfy. We ate casava chips and chapati and had yummy yummy tea!

After that i went to bible study and everyone was so excited to see me. During testimony time, i testified about how the Lord kept me safe during my surgery and how the prayers of everyone in jinja and at home must have had a huge part in the reason i recovered so fast.

After bible study was done, Mama and Papa Jack (our friend david's parents and whos house we meet at for tuesday cell) brought out a beautiful pink cake that said Welcome Back on the top. I got to sit in the special red chair while everyone sang This is the day that the Lord has made, and me and bethany cut the cake and everyone ate rice and beef, cake and sodas! It was so fun and sooooo kind of them to think of me like that. After Papa Jack took me aside and we talked for a few mins and he said how they think of me and bethany as their daughters, how they love us and what we are doing here and how we are to think of their house as our house. These 2 people are some of the greatest there are! We love them!

Today we are bringing our 2 friends, David and JP to STAO with us. It's gonna be funny because our ugandan friends see us in town and at our bible studies and at church but never at the orphanages we work at and it'll be interesting for them to see us in OUR element.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17

until next time.


Rod and Amy said...

Hey guys!
You don't know me, but we love and adore some of the same people!! I wanted to thank you for the moving description of Erin's reunion with her beloved children a couple of days ago. It will always cause me distress, grief, and pain that I could't be with my beautiful daughter as she enjoyed such a sweet reward after waiting SO long and enduring SO many frustrating set-backs. You have given me a mental picture that is the next best thing to being there!! Many thanks!!

Thank you also for loving my GRANDchildren in their parents' place during this long and tedious wait. You have been GOD's hand to them all these months and your heavenly reward will be great!

Take care of yourselves and hopefully we will meet face-to-face this summer.

All GOD's best!!
Amy (Erin Littleton's Mom and Mary Cameron and Jack's JjaJja)

Anonymous said...

my dear sista. you are so incredible. i have been sobbing through each and every post and every eaqmil i recieve from you. you have changed and grown so much during your times away and i'm just amazed at what God is doind in you life. you are a gift to those precious children. love ya

Anonymous said...

p.s. i didn't proof read my comment. sorry about the spelling mistakes