Sunday, November 18, 2007


please read erin littleton's blog entry titled, a few more good ones. there are 3 photos taken as she was reunited with her kids and they are heartbreakingly beautiful!


Victoria said...

Amy and Bethany,
I read your blog all the time, pretty much obessed with it just like Erin's. Thanks for all the adventures. If you ever come and visit Erin I would love to meet you both and hear your stories in person. Please tell Erin and Gigi that I said hello and that I am still praying. Thanks, Victoria

mattsmoma said...

I agree with Victoria. I am Erin's aunt. I read your blog as faithfully as I do Erin's. I enjoy your adventures also. Thanks for sharing your experiences! Take care of Erin. Give her and the kids a big hug from Auntie Martha.