Friday, November 30, 2007

the woof is on fi-yah

This afternoon, in a moment of sheer craziness, i- amy- decided to take 6 todd's to town. i found a skipping rope and in true day care fashion...we marched 35 mins into town holding onto that rope singing songs and the alphabet as we went. Halfway there, auntie fefany came piki-ing along and so she stopped and came to join us.

We marched to the source cafe where the kids had soda and ice cream and me and beth had a light lunch. We then marched to the cafe where the kids greeted uncle raoul and uncle david and sang THEM songs! Auntie Fefany taught them "the roof is on fire" and they sang it "the woof is on fi-yah!" pretty darn cute.

The 8 of us marched up main street to caltex where we spent WAAAY to much money to get a taxi to take the kids home in a "moto cah". After a quick stop at central market to pick up 50 bags of pop corn, we were on our way, and everyone was pretending to drive and being so very adorable! The kids hopped out at the amani gate and were very polite in saying bye bye to uncle driver.

After distributing the popcorn to all the amani staff, there were a few bags left over and all we sat the kids down in pairs and they all share their popcorn. A nice, fun afternoon.

Right now bethany is working at the cafe while David is at choir practice and i'm keeping her company and updating the blog.

Oh!! This morning Paul and Olivia left Amani with their new mom and dad, Lisa and Mark. Its sad to have them gone, but awesome that they are orphans no more! Praise the Lord for that!

until next time!


Leslie Belanger said...

You girls are on "fi-yah" too. Love following your exploits on your blog and thanks for being so faithful to it. God bless you and all that you are doing.

Anonymous said...

you are brave, brave souls for taking out the todd's...on a rope. all over town. and then closing them up in a car with 50 bags of popcorn...haha! it sounds like quite the outing.
next time you should make a video of it, and in the background put that crazy music they always play at the circus for the clown car... ;)
take care girls!
auntie amanda