Sunday, December 9, 2007

Just a small update...

Hi everyone,

So we have some news and we would like you to pray for us. I dont know if any of you have heard on the news, but the Ebola virus is making its way around east africa. It started somewhere in the Congo and has made its way to Uganda. About a week ago we had heard it had reached Kampala, and in the last few days its been on the news that it is now in Jinja. Its scary because people here I dont think really appreciate the seriousness of a virus like this. Me and Amy are on a full-scale Ebola Alert Campaign and are handing out gloves to all our friends and trying to be really cautious - even at the expense of other people's perception of our sanity!

Ebola is transmitted through any body fluid, so coughing, sneezing, handshakes, even computer keyboards could be a potential transmission source. Even exposed linens can transmit the virus. There isnt really a known cure, and the scariest part is that Uganda is really not equipped to handle a full scale outbreak. But dont worry, I'm emailing Steven Harper as we speak and I'm going to ask him to send aid.

Right now the threat isnt too severe, but we heard that today the bordering countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, and Congo are all screening travellers wishing to enter from uganda. Its a really bizarre situation, to read the news reports and get a little freaked out and than walk outside and everything is totally normal! There are no reports confirming that it has reached Jinja, but all of the grocery store workers are wearing gloves to be safe....and now so are we.

So please pray for us...for protection obviously, but also that God will protect us from getting any other illnesses while this is going on, because hospitals are not a place we want to have to visit. Also - even though we will most likely not be infected, a lot of people will. Please pray for Uganda, they have enough going on with all the chaos in the north, AIDS, malaria, and TB without a deadly virus causing trouble. Please encourage friends to read this and pray in your churches. Please feel free to google ebola uganda and learn more and pray for us. We are just doing our best to trust God that he will protect us as we are here doing his work.

Thanks for reading and please be dilligent in keeping us in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for being diligent in updating your blog, it has become an addiction of mine now to immediately check the computer when I get home. I love hearing about all the crazy things that happen and the passion that you two have for the people there. My prayers are with you and all the others in Jinja; I trust that the Lord will keep you safe from this nasty virus.

In Christ's love,
Gigi's Sam

Rod and Amy said...

I have been SO thankful that Erin and the kids arrived back in the U.S. before the virus reached Kampala or Jinja!!
However, I realize how many extended "family" members are still in Uganda---people I know by name--- babies and toddlers who I feel attached to in ways that I don't even understand!
I will pray that the threat of this virus will be over before any more lives are lost, and that you two will stay safe and well.

GOD Bless!
Amy Sharp (Erin's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Uganda and for the safety of you girls and especially those in Jinja right now...sounds like you are being cautious, keep it up!

Victoria said...

Thanks for the update and I will definitely have you both and all of Uganda in my prayers. Through your blog I can tell how much good you both are doing there, thank you for letting us travel through your eyes. Stay healthy and I will be praying. Victoria (Erin's friend)

Kalanzi, AfricanAbbott said...

HEY I have just come back from Uganda...and found your site thru Luke/Snagbert. I am a Cdn missionary working there and am back for 3 months of "Networking". I pray for you in the amazing things God is doing there for you...please do likewise as I WANNA GET BACK TO UGANDA... TU GENDE TU GENDE