Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Picture Post

George and Sophia hanging out on the tire swing

George, Sophia, Jason, Bryan, Arnold and Christina

Mama Lucy with Noah and Chloe minutes before they leave for America!

Josh and Elizabeth Granderson, proud parents of Chloe and Noah Granderson!

Christina (teenie beanie) and Georgie Porgie

Arnold with too big of pants!

Top L to Bottom R:
Diana, Junior Maggie, Danynene, Junior Amani, Jimmu, Sonja, Stephen K, Asherife, Emily

A goodbye hug for Vince as he leaves for America (middle). Junior Maggie, and Dan

Ruthie all fat and happy!!!!! This child is totally different now! She never smiled and we always joked that she has no personality but she's getting one now!


Anonymous said...

sista i want to take arnold home so bad!! he is so cute!

Anonymous said...

oh beautiful! ha, i love how in the pic with the 3 boys hugging, arnold and his (lack of) pants are in the background...
auntie amanda.

Julie said...

i second what amanda said!! i love that in the background of the 2 boys giving vince a hug, arnold is walking around with his pants down (: oh what a sweet kid.

Ian said...

woah, if anyone gets to take arnold home it will be me. i loved that picture of him with his pants falling down, he is just to skinny. He did seem to be a little bit taller though, which is good. i also love the picture of vince hugging dan and jr. it like almso made me cry, not quite though. it made me think though, do u think that any of the kids who get adopted will ever try and keep in contact or one day try and contact some of the people they grew up with. anyways, i love the pictures, and the blog in general, have an awesome weekend.