Friday, December 28, 2007

Question: Who's Dwigt?

I figured it was time for a post about whats going on with us lately. We are both feeling very weird about going home. It feels like we JUST got here, how can we be going home already??

Last night Mama Lois invited us to her house for supper so me and beth went over there at 6pm for some good home cooking. We even ate matoke- the only ugandan food we dont like- and it was good! Everyone at home should be very proud at the leaps and bounds i'm making in becoming less picky. I eat a plateful of beans (they look like kidney beans) multiple times a week and have even been seen eating green beans! No more microscope mom! WE hung out with Mama Lois and her daughter steffi for a few hours and had a blast. Steffi is hilarious and was saying the cutest things in her very limited english. Mama Lois is going for her surgery hopefully the last week in January which means that we'll both be here to visit her in the hospital and take good good care of her.

Our days are spent at the babies home and our nights at home, with rachel and arielle, with seasons 2 and 3 of the office which we have become obsessed with. the babies home feels empty because so many kids have been fostered or adopted and there are only around 40 left there. We went to STAO today and got a list of all the kids there and after much confusion, we finally got a full list of the kids and their ages. We're putting together Christmas packages for each of the 60 kids which will include their own bathing basin, towel, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, underwear and cookies. We're also bringing a bunch of food and having a big party for them. Its really hard to know what to do for some places because the temptation to keep some of the stuff for the staff is huge. We have some other ideas in mind too and will post them as soon as the plans are finalized.

Today is a very exciting day for us because its one we've been waiting for since August 10th. Tonight, our bestie Michelle comes in from San Fransisco and will be greeted at the airport by her very confused boyfriend Raoul. He thinks he's been sent to pick a package up for Katie, but really its to pick up Shelly! She thinks we are picking her up and will be surprising Raoul at his house tonight so its a double surprise! We're pretty pumped. Shes coming with a suitcase and a half of goodies for me beth rachel arielle and herself.

Tomorrow morning we are being picked up by our friend Pauline who works at a little vendor shop on main street. Its her introduction tomorrow and we are acting as her "sisters". We are going to Mama's place now (davids mom) to borrow some gomesi, which is the traditional wear for introductions. Its gonna be a good time. Phin and HOpe are also coming and as we don't see much of them lately, it'll be so much fun.

After the introduction, we've planned a party for our friends. Every so often we invite everyone over to our house and play games and listen to music and dance and hang out. They are a big hit so we thought it was high time we had another.

until next time.

p.s we are consolidating our photos onto one computer here at the cafe and then burning cd's for eachother and so far, with a 2 gb mem card and 256'er to go, we have 1300 photos and about 100 videos.

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