Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Tmistmat to remembah.

Christina (aka, mama beanie, teenie beanie, rice and beanies) and Auntie Emmy hanging out on Christmas morning eating christmas treats!

Melody rockin her new sunglasses with her christmas stocking gifts beside her! Each kid got a stocking, even the preemies, and we put the toddlers on their beds and they ran in for a christmas morning surprise. Everyone's favorite presents were the blower things, the long green thing beside mels right leg. i have no idea what they are called.

My sophie looking oh so cute with her christmas goodies. 15 mins after this was taken she threw a royal fit because she did NOT want to put her stuff away and eat lunch.

Emily talking on her new pretend cell phone! Each toddler got a cell phone, coloring book, box of crayons, sticker set, car- for boys, and rings for girls, mango, orange, and lots of candy!

This is what greeted me on Christmas morning! ADORABLE Amberly (formerly Olga!) in a super star mood with baby 2'ers Hannah in the background, and Christoper to the right.

Brian saw me (amy) and started jumping up and down saying mummy mummy mummy! (he does that to everyone though;) Christoper is behind him.

Arnold and Melody enjoying some Christmas "diarhea" breakfast as Rachel called it because this much cake and cookies in the morning is a sure fire way to have some blowouts in fine form a few hours later! Me Beth Rach and Air made cinamon pull-a-parts, renamed Jesus Bread that was a big hit!

Junior and Emily pumped that its Jesus's Birthday!

Dan, Marvin and Teenie Beanie (christina) also pumped for Jesus' Birthday and christmas breakfast treats

Christopher, Jospeh, Hunter, Katie, Amberly, Sharon, Priscilla(katy) Jeremiah, Ruthie, Holly and Brian.

Me Rach and Air took these 11 kids to town in matching Amani Baby cottage t's, and bucket hats in the "vehicles" as ppl here call stollers! 11 kids fit in 6 seats!

Besties, Amy and Bethany at Jp's brothers wedding to Maddie's cousin! It was BEAUTIFUL

Christoper and Brian hanging out in the diaper bag section of one of the vehicles nicnamed the Rav 4

This was at the mama's christmas party, all 36 amani employee's in their new tee's we made them! They LOVED them. It was an even bigger hit that we imagined.

Auntiekate, Auntie Emmy, Mama Santa, Auntie Aireo, Mama Doreen, Auntie Waycho, baby Katie, and Auntie Feffany!

Ruthie enjoying a mouth full of icing at the mama's party. She is getting very fat!

Hope was sick with a bacterial infection last week so me and Beth babysat this big guy one morning and we had a lovely reunion! Its Phin!

check out our CHURCH! with a photo of bethany and the choir on the about page!

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