Monday, January 28, 2008


Yesturday evening, as me and our dog brownie where having a photo shoot, Erin Littleton called and gave us a little update on Mary Cameron and JAckson and we GOT TO TALK TO THEM ON THE PHONE!!! it was sooooooo cool to hear their little ugandan voices all the way over in America.

We asked MC where she was and she said "I'm at america" and Jackson told us he was making rice and beans but would make us pizza and noodles if we wanted. It was the cutest thing ever. We are planning a trip to visit them this spring or summer. If you haven't checked out Erin's blog, you need too because its the best thing on the internet and i check it every day to see how the kids are doing. They have the cutest photos of MC and Jackson all decked out for a basketball game (i think!) and an excellent story about dog footprints and poop.

trust me- you'll be hooked!

until next time...

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Brandi said...

MC seriously has the sweetest voice ever. I was going to a Watoto Choir one night and told her that I was going to see Ugandans sing. She asked, "so you are getting on an airplane to come here?" She didn't quite understand that other Ugandans may draw attention too!