Thursday, January 31, 2008

home life

Today at 3ish pm i arrived in Edmonton. I just recieved a phone call that i left my passport at the airport so i get to make the 50 minute drive tomorrow to go pick it up! YEAH. Basically the flights were uneventful although i did think the plane was going to crash at many points from London to Edmonton due to wicked turbulence. PTL that never happened! I burst into tears when i saw my parents because i was heartbroken that Uganda was over.

A more detailed update is coming but i thought i'd add some photos for your enojyment!
until next time...

Me and Bethany in Bukaya with Mama Rukia`s family.

Our favorite Congolese family ever. Raoul and his sisters from left to right, Deborah, Linda, Marie and Natalie. Raoul`s desire is to be a pastor and do village ministry in Congo again one day. He is an incredible person and we love the Mugosa family SO SO SO SO MUCH!

Ronnie Kiryowa, Me and Andrew Oundo at Entebbe sad.

Rachel, Nina, Amy David Bethany, Melody and Michelle. The 6 of us girls learned a dance choreographed by Melody for David`s going away. It was a hit!

At David`s going away party. Left to Right, Philip, Nina, Bethany, Me (amy) and Ruth

Melody, Rachel, Me, Nina and Ruth at our last bible study.

Bethany Andrew and Amy

Bethany, Florence (Our African Queen) and Me

Amy Michael Mark and Bethany

Yeah!! We made it!

A church in Kigali where 2000 Tutsi`s fled from the MRND. The RPF got a tip that they were there and the MRND was going to kill them and the RPF got them out safely.

The beautiful Rwandan country side

At the hotel where Hotel Rwanda happened.

We were pretty pumped!! Thanks Anne Marie!

One section of Mass graves at Gisozi Genocide Memorial in Kigali Rwanda.


The best dog in all of Uganda and my best non human friend in the whole world. Brownie Bear.


Margo said...

Welcome home Amy. Thanks for great posts and pictures.
May the Lord richly bless you as you start the next phase of your life.
We love you.
A.Margo and U.Randy

Scott and Erin said...

1. o my word, the guy in the purple shirt looks JUST LiKE Rukia.... even if you hadn't posted that that's where you were, I'd have still guessed it after looking at him!

2. Bethany, when did you get your hair cut? It is super cute :)

Happy that you guy made it home safely, but sad that you're not in Uganda :(


Victoria said...

i am really going to miss your posts on your Ugandan adventures. I am glad that you were able to make it home safely. If/when you go back please let Erin know you we can hear all about it. Thanks again for letting us see it through your eyes. Victoria