Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some favorite photos and a short update

Hi Everyone! We've been very bad at blogging but with only 13 days left for amy and 17 for bethany, we are spending as much time away from the internet as possible. Today our friend Tillas from Nairobi arrived for a little visit. His school started last week but he said that it was still too dangerous and he didnt want to risk it. Also our friend Lawrence who is from the kamba tribe in kenya, arrived yesturday after being away for several weeks. His took an Akamba bus from Nairobi to Jinja (the same one me and beth took to nairobi many months ago) and the bus had to have a military escort because now that Kibaki has elected a kamba vice president (or something like that, don't quote me) the kamba tribe is now being targeted with violence. Needless to say we are so thankful both Tillas and Lawrence have returned safely and we are praying for Kenya daily over here.

My baby Sophia's 4th birthday was yesturday. Although shes 4, shes a shrimp and wore my neice Ava's 2T birthday dress. I bought her a really cute beaded necklace which she was very excited about. A bunch of us volunteers took Amberly, Teenie Beanie, Melody, Anna and Steffi to lunch at the source cafe and Danyne was very kind and let us take the van! She hung out with me all day and we had a great time. She even came to fellowship where George and Ken from our favorite group here, Sauti, lead worship. It was AWESOME and they sang my new favorite song from Zimbabwe. Everyone was so pumped and it was so powerful. Hope talked about cultural lies and it was so amazing too. Everyone thought that was the best fellowship yet! Hope is a gifted speaker, espeically to university aged people. Soph slept over and was so kind to wake up at 6am dragging her little fingers through my knotted hair! So cute, i love that girl!

In sad sad sad news, but good good good at the same time, our ugandan best friend, David, left for school in london england on monday. We went to the airport with David, his mom and dad, and our other 2 friends steve and richard. It was so bad. we both cried a few tears but last night, our friend Emma brought over David's new phone number in London and tonight we are going to the calling center to ring him up! We're also planning a summer reunion so that gives us something to look forward too.

Rainy season started yesturday in fine fashion with a nice long heavy downpour and several thunderstorms. Its SUCH nice relief from the overwhelming heat we've had for the last 2 months. Before the rain yesturday, it litterally hadn't rained a drop in 2 or 3 months. Bethany had a nice bath in the pool today as we had no water yet again. good times!

We are both beginning to get VERY excited to come home, particularly for new clothes :), but also to see our families. We are going to be heartbroken to leave as we've made a really nice life for ourselves these ends.

Enjoy the photos, until next time...

This is what it looks like every afternoon now.

our favorite photo from Kikondo village.

BEth and I at STAO Mafubira hanging out!

Christopher's ADORABLE smile.

Baby Katie Rae or Katie Bug.

Big fatty daniel. He used to be sooo grossly skinny but not anymore!

Nicole. She is one half of the twins we got a few weeks ago. She is 13 months old and when we got her she weighed 10 pounds.

Mama Teenie Beanie.

Smellody, melly or melode as we like to call her. Her favorite saying is "auntie emmy (or auntie feffany), auntie arielle is where?"

Georgie porgie and Asherife.

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