Monday, January 21, 2008


Hi everyone!
Just wanted to say a super quick update, so quick in fact im putting it in point form to save time!
  1. We are coming home so soon! Amy in 9 days and I leave two weeks today. We are sad to leave, but so excited to see our families and everyone.
  2. Were going to Rwanda! Right now. For two days. Were going to visit the genocide museums and see the Hotel Mille Collines (the one from Hotel Rwanda the movie), and hopefully go see some volcanoes.
  3. We would appreciate your prayers in our last few days here that it wouldnt be too hard to leave our babies and our friends...were a little nervous about leaving them and are wishing we could sneak sophie and george home with us.
  4. Okay thats all! Love you all!
  5. Until next time..

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