Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow removal.....the Dave King way!

Saturday morning I, Amy, decided to shovel the driveway so i took the good ole John Deere out of the shed and took her out for a spin.

This is me driving the tractor and doing a little snow removal.....or its my dad driving it. who knows! :)

There are many benefits to borrowing a tractor to shovel.

1. time saving. In the amount of time it takes to do a regular drive way, you can do yours, and your neighbors...plus a little of the street too!

2. If you've over exerted yourself during the week, no problem! now's the time to pop in the ipod and chill. Comfy seat and heat included.

3. the best part of it...driving the tractor through town to get it the 4km's from the farm to the house! Nothing says hick like borrowing a tractor to shovel your driveway in the city! I love my dad!

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