Monday, March 31, 2008


Erin told me its a fake sight. HALLELUJAH!!!!!


Hi. Its amy blogging.

I was reading a friend of a friends blog and came across this gem of a website.

At first i thought it was a joke. Some mean, weird, twisted joke. Then i found out it was real, that people stoop this low, and i wanted to barf.

In the FAQ's part it says this "There are an estimated 400,000 orphans around the world." Umm..... I'm not entirely sure on my numbers but i'm pretty sure there are nearly 2 million orphans in Uganda alone....

"Imagine a dearly loved child who appreciates you enough to help save your life. What’s in it for the parents is the love of a child in ways so rich it can save your life."

Imagine, someone buying a "gold package" child because its cheaper than a platinum child.

"How old will my new son or daughter be?
Children are generally not younger than four-to-six years old, but may be as old as seventeen. As long as papers are signed and marked prior to the child’s eighteenth birthday, we can still move the paperwork forward. The advantage to the “nearly adult” children is a shorter period of child dependency, as well as a better match of organ in size."

Its a good thing that this site takes into account a shorter period of child dependancy because almost every one i know who's adopted wants kids specifcally so that they can hae a shorter period of child dependancy. Who doesnt love early retirement??

Also i'm glad that they've recognized the intellecutal function of a 4 to 6 year old. What 4 or 6 year old WOULDN'T understand someone saying "ok, so theres this SUUUUPER great family that needs your bone marrow. Its not really THAT painful, just a bit but you'll be in america so its fine. You'll get to watch little einsteins all you want! their willing to pay a hefty price for it too. so......thumbs up???

Now i know everyone is going to be going straight to the pricing page so i've pasted the link conviently into our post.

This makes me sick.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Video Post!

This video was taken to show Mama Vaughn (beth's ma) just how happy and grateful these kids are. Beth's Mom was so generous and donated Christmas money that she would have gotten, but instead, gave it to Beth to use for STAO. These are just 6 of the 60 kids at STAO that benefitted from her generosity.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Why we love the Littleton Family.

Bethany and I had the extreme priviledge of meeting the mom of 2 of our all time favorite Amani kids, Erin Littleton. Her and her husband Scott, volunteered at Amani for 6 months right after they got married and fell in love with Jackson and Mary Cameron (MC). In December, we were able to see the awesome reunion of Erin and her 2 awesome kids as she pulled up the driveway at Amani and litterally jumped out of the van before it even came close to stopping. MC and Jackson ran faster than we'd ever seen them run, and all 3 collapsed into a big, laughing heap on the driveway. It was so cool to see.

Anyway... Teeny Beany (christina), Melody, Sophia and MC were our favorite little girls to hang out with at our house and had them to sleep over at our teeny tiny house once a week for the first couple of months. MC was always hilarious, always happy, sometimes obedient (ha!) and always always always being silly and making the other girls howl with laughter, as well as Beth and I.

In January Erin called us from Amerwica as MC calls it, and we got to have a little chat with both MC and Jackson. It was so cool and so neat to hear their adorable ugandan accents mixed with a little bit of south carolina! So here are some of my favorite memories of Erin's kids, MC and Jackson.

- December 1, 2006- my final day at Amani of my first trip and i was wearing jeans and a tee shirt both of which were CLEAN for flying home in. I went to the toddler hoouse and Jackson climbs up ontoo my lap and a couple minutes later my nice clean jeans are soaked with pee. I had a nice reminder of Jackson and Amani right on my lap the whole way home.
- a couple weeks after i got home i got a nice patch of ringworm on my chin and it was from Jacksons head. He had a big path of ringworm right on the top of his head and every day i would hold him and rest my chin on his head.
- when MC was sleeping over with melody, Sophie and George and we had spagetti for them and MC always got to sit at the table with the aunties and she slurped up every last bit of spagetti in about 2 minutes without even taking a breath. We have a super cute video of that that i'll try to post later.
- MC and Melody sharing a bed in the 2 foot space between me and beth's bed in our cramped tiny bedroom. We put our duffle bags that were full of clothes to give away, underneath them and MC would not sleep in a bed with us, she wanted to mini bed on the duffle bags.
- that same night i woke up to find her almost the entire way underneath my bed with only half of her face and an arm sticking out! Soooo cute.
- i was giving meds one morning to the kids and the toddlers always get lined up after breakfast to go on their potties and there was Jackson, with his huge belly, sitting on his potty singing at the top of his lungs to the kids praise cd that was playing.
- Michelle (another volunteer) took Jackson for the night after Phin's 2nd birthday party and we got to hear the great story of how Jackson ate 2 plate fulls of food at Raoul's house and slept like a log beside Michelle until she woke up with Jackson stroking her face and saying "teek a two, teek a two" over and over and when she went to rub his back, she got a handfull of diarhea! It exploded through his diaper, through his pj's, up his back and all over her bed!!
- when erin called us in january and we asked mc where she was and she said "i am at amerwica."

I check erin's blog multiple times a day and have gotten several of my friends and family hooked on their blog too. If you get a change to read it, please do. You will be hooked just like i am!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pray Pray Pray!!

This week is full of court dates at Amani and many families are arriving to (hopefully!) pick up their kids and bring them home.

2 specific families we can all be praying for are Todd and Jenny who are adopting Christopher and Katie, and Tim and Leala who are adopting Melody and Joseph.

Pray that the judge will rule in favor of their court cases, that they will rule swiftly as well.
Pray for health of the parents and the kids as they go through a huge transition period.
Pray for safety of the families as they travel to kampala and back several times to pick up documents and visas and passports.
Pray for strength, endurance, and patience.

The end is near! We are SOOOOOOOOO excited for these kids to home!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Life...or something like it.

Since i've been home i've found it hard to journal..which is rare for me because basically i've journalled every day of my life since i was old enough to hold my own pencil. I have stacks of old journals from years gone by, which are fun to read now, giving myself a glimpse into the person i once was. Mostly i recount all out brawls with my sister while our parents were at work that went something like i stole something from jan's closet and hid it in my room and lied about taking it, daring her to "just look around, see if you can find it in here" and she'd barge into my puppy and kitty pink wallpaper and bordered room and tear around without finding anything and scream I"M TELLING MOM!! Then we'd both wait at the back door and as soon as we heard her drive up, burst onto the deck and push and scream our way to her car door and greet her with a tandem ..." MOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!"
In Uganda it was so easy to journal because i became obessed with remembering the most mundane and tedious details. Bethany can vouch for the fact that about 3 times a week i'd sigh, close my journal and say "Beth BEth Beth!! guess how many pages i just journalled! 17,756!" I would write down the color of sophie's shirt, the shapes in the clouds that day, the song playing across the street from the Source Cafe that my bionic hearing would pick up and bethany would sit dumbfounded as to how i could hear a song, start singing along, when she didnt even realise music was even playing.
At home, i get home from work and chill. Then i read and go to bed. In Uganda i'd get home from "work", chill, read my bible, journal, chat with beth, then go to bed.
So i started something different. I often find it hard to read, recreationally, the good ole NIV, so i dragged out an old Message and have started at the beginning, a very good place to start.
I thought i'd be depressed, heart broken, ripped in two and miserable coming home....but i'm not. I'm ok. I'm happy. I'm content.
I also know that this time at home will be filled with new things. New things to learn, new people to meet, new things to do, new things to challenge me.....
I'm learning that being home, in canada, in the first world, is ok. Its not as bad as i spent 6.5 months thinking it would be. I love my family. I love my new nephew. I love my new friends.

I miss jinja, i miss my church in jinja, i miss the mama's at amani, i miss the heat, i miss our dogs brownie and blackie, i miss my friends SOOOO much.

But i know that somehow i'm not done with Uganda yet. And thats good enough for right now.