Monday, March 31, 2008


Hi. Its amy blogging.

I was reading a friend of a friends blog and came across this gem of a website.

At first i thought it was a joke. Some mean, weird, twisted joke. Then i found out it was real, that people stoop this low, and i wanted to barf.

In the FAQ's part it says this "There are an estimated 400,000 orphans around the world." Umm..... I'm not entirely sure on my numbers but i'm pretty sure there are nearly 2 million orphans in Uganda alone....

"Imagine a dearly loved child who appreciates you enough to help save your life. What’s in it for the parents is the love of a child in ways so rich it can save your life."

Imagine, someone buying a "gold package" child because its cheaper than a platinum child.

"How old will my new son or daughter be?
Children are generally not younger than four-to-six years old, but may be as old as seventeen. As long as papers are signed and marked prior to the child’s eighteenth birthday, we can still move the paperwork forward. The advantage to the “nearly adult” children is a shorter period of child dependency, as well as a better match of organ in size."

Its a good thing that this site takes into account a shorter period of child dependancy because almost every one i know who's adopted wants kids specifcally so that they can hae a shorter period of child dependancy. Who doesnt love early retirement??

Also i'm glad that they've recognized the intellecutal function of a 4 to 6 year old. What 4 or 6 year old WOULDN'T understand someone saying "ok, so theres this SUUUUPER great family that needs your bone marrow. Its not really THAT painful, just a bit but you'll be in america so its fine. You'll get to watch little einsteins all you want! their willing to pay a hefty price for it too. so......thumbs up???

Now i know everyone is going to be going straight to the pricing page so i've pasted the link conviently into our post.

This makes me sick.


Scott and Erin said...

lucky for everyone, this is fake....

There are several adoptive mothers I know who are trying to get it taken off the net..... we'll see what happens.

Brandi said...

I found that too and was shocked and appalled. I even wrote my local news station about it. .I was so glad to find out it was fake. .but, who does a joke like that? Disgusting!


Anonymous said...

I believe this is another hoax site to waste our time and make us look like a fools.