Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pray Pray Pray!!

This week is full of court dates at Amani and many families are arriving to (hopefully!) pick up their kids and bring them home.

2 specific families we can all be praying for are Todd and Jenny who are adopting Christopher and Katie, and Tim and Leala who are adopting Melody and Joseph.

Pray that the judge will rule in favor of their court cases, that they will rule swiftly as well.
Pray for health of the parents and the kids as they go through a huge transition period.
Pray for safety of the families as they travel to kampala and back several times to pick up documents and visas and passports.
Pray for strength, endurance, and patience.

The end is near! We are SOOOOOOOOO excited for these kids to home!!


todd said...

Thank you for remembering our kids, and praying for God to get them home soon.
God recently brought me accross Psalm 40:1-8, and I was thinking alot on what it is to lead a life of obedience to God. It's awesome! That's what it is!

Leala Danninger said...

Thank you for posting! Our ruling is supposed to be March 31st. and we are praying that the Lord will soften the judges heart and that the wording on the ruling would be sufficient for the visas. Thank you for praying for our kiddos and loving them sooo much and all the fun sleepovers Melody got to do while you guys were there! Leala