Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lame-ing out.

So anonymous left a comment telling us not to lame out with the posts.

check THIS out.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


So.....i was thinking. Since Bethany doesn't really blog anymore (shes waaay to busy) and since i still like to, i was thinking that i should either, rename this blog (although this is special because its really about her and I) or get a new one.

I need help. Im not good at thinking of cool/clever/interesting names as you can tell from the superb name of this blog, so i need help choosing another name.

Here are some things that i love that maybe could be incorporated.
my name
africa (especially UG)
reality tv

HA! Not really much to go one but thought i'd give it a try. Also, i'd like to give a shout out to Jena who thought me and bethany were the Amy and Bethany who pioneered adoption in UG. I looooove Jena's blog!!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Erin- I copied you. Amy Blog

I am: a singe white female

I think: that i didn't prepare near enough for my 5k race May 11th and that i'm really going to regret that 2k's into it.
I know: i need to go to school and get a 'real' job, but sometimes i think i'll never get this time back and maybe is should go back to UGanda and worry about school later.
I want: to write a book, go to every country in sub saharan Africa, have a wheaten terrier named juma (after my rafting guide on the nile river) and have a room in the attic of my house that i'll buy one day and be just like my mom one day.
I hate: road rage, hot when i'm sleeping, plane rides home from Uganda, when peole ask my dumb questions about Uganda like "so do they like, have cars there?"
I miss: Rachel Arielle Michelle and my cords that i left for a friend in Uganda but still think about all the time.
I fear: bears, driving under trains, having all my limbs cut off, never going back to UG
I feel: like sometimes i talk too much about Uganda and people get bored of me.
I hear: sophie laughing when she would come over to sleepover with georgie and they would tell the tv they were going to beat it.
I smell: like i didnt wash this shirt the last time i went running.
I crave: lays wavy regular chips and helluva good chip dip. constantly. also mcchickens.
I search: on google. for everything.
I regret: nothing. except maybe not sucking up that extra 500 bucks and going on safari with Beth just because i know she would have loved it.
I love: my 3 pillows, new socks from costco and when i'm sitting in the ice cream shack and its raining and i know i can get a lot of solid reading in.
I ache: for sophie and her dad whose missing out on the best girl in the world.
I care:
I always: write chapters of my book in my head and then try really hard to remember the things i wrote but never can.
I am not: good at saying sorry.....right beth???
I believe: me and beth are going to be old ladies one day,living in the same nursing home, and she'll still be trying to get me to learn how to play crib and i'll still be bossing her around and cleaning when we have visitors.
I sing: all the time and i make up songs all the time.
I cry: only when i'm super upset or watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
I fight: with my sister all the time about dumb stuff.
I write: random stuff i hear with my pointer finger on my right hand all the time. and if my hand is in use, i'll use my right foot. and sometimes, i really like to write words inthe air with both pointers simultaneously.
I win: at everything. and if i dont, i get mad, and try to ruin whatever it was i didnt win at, for the winner
I lose: rarely and if i do...watch out!
I never: can sleep good if a fan isn't blowing cold air into my face. even in the winter.
I listen: to chrisitan music on the sundays i dont go to church because it makes me feel less guilty that way.
I can usually be found: checking MC and Jacksons, Phin's, Christopher and Katies, Mia and Joeys, and Rachel and Arielle's blogs. daily.
I am scared: that i'll live an ordinary life.
I need: to look at my africa photos a little less than i used to....
I am happy about: the fact that i can look at my africa photos a little less than iused to because i think that means i'm learning to be content.
I hope:that i can make a difference.