Thursday, May 8, 2008


So.....i was thinking. Since Bethany doesn't really blog anymore (shes waaay to busy) and since i still like to, i was thinking that i should either, rename this blog (although this is special because its really about her and I) or get a new one.

I need help. Im not good at thinking of cool/clever/interesting names as you can tell from the superb name of this blog, so i need help choosing another name.

Here are some things that i love that maybe could be incorporated.
my name
africa (especially UG)
reality tv

HA! Not really much to go one but thought i'd give it a try. Also, i'd like to give a shout out to Jena who thought me and bethany were the Amy and Bethany who pioneered adoption in UG. I looooove Jena's blog!!



Anonymous said...

You're blog is lacking in new posts. Don't lame out on us...

jena said...

Am I the ONLY one who thought that? Who knew two sets of those fabulous named gals would have hearts for UG!

We leave in two weeks... exactly to the minute right... wait, wait... now! I can't wait for many things while we are there. But I am itching to get to Amani!